Friday, April 18, 2014

The Last Survivor: A Tale Based on Murder Mystery

Hello guys, this article is just a story I wrote in 10 minutes or so based on the game Murder Mystery. I just wanted to write a horror-type story and enjoy Roblox so just mixed the two. It probably isn't that amazing nor that long, but as I said, it took only 10 minutes or so.

The Last Survivor
He ran.

It was all he could think of doing…now he was the only one left.

He had tried, he really had. At the beginning, he had been with a group of 7 but they had died and left him alone to face him. The murderer. He didn't understand it, he was innocent like the rest, but this guy didn't seem to understand that innocence and had killed each one of them anyway. They had luckily been with the one other guy with a gun, but that shortly ended when he was shot from behind, and the gun had been passed on to the closest one to him. The gun protected none of them, so why should it protect him?

He knew his time was running out, it was obvious…he only had to spin in a circle and he would see all the bodies and blood. Even knowing that, in some subconscious way he believed he had hope, even if it was only a mirage dreamt up by his brain. He kept hearing noises, that much he was certain of, screams that sounded so much like his friend’s at their deaths yet so unlike their screams and more like growls of hunger and rage. He knew the Murderer’s name at least that was a small compensation. Sam. Such an ordinary, regular name. He looked like anyone else; pale pink skin and a smiley face; a bright green sleeveless shirt and blue pants. He - sorry It - just had the heart of a beast, a demon…a killer.


This was it; he may as well die fighting instead of cowering in a corner, shivering and afraid. *Snap* He whipped his gun out, but too late. He felt the cold, smooth metal brush against the back of his bald head...another wave of shivers spread across his body from that one feeling. His heart was pounding, although still afraid now curious as to the delay of his death sentence. Slowly, he span around, clasping his gun to his chest and breathing deeply…

No-one. The Murderer had gone, for now.


Thank the's over!

(Congratulations Innocent’s for surviving the round against the Murderer!)

(10 Points Awarded)

Thanks! Hope you liked it.