Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Player Points and Clan Points: The Issues

Player Points can be now seen on your profile.
Notice: Please observe that this article was written 4/28/14, since then, some updates have been made to Player Points.

Player Points and Clan Points are among the most recent updates to the ROBLOX site and platform. At first, the idea shined with a sort of potential - but the more that users like myself hear about the feature, the more we see this as being another failed project, a fad. At best, it could go the way of BC games, used solely for the abuse of making more TIX and out-casting the Non-BC members of ROBLOX from your game. The sad thing is: that for such an idea that may actually benefit the ROBLOX platform and game, this feature is already in it's death state. It is more than certainly on it's death bed, and the potential for it is slowly diminishing in value and interest. It's almost destine to reach a natural death, and here's why.

I personally know that being in [so-called] "companies" and groups, a lot of group owners absolutely despise the "clan sector" of the ROBLOX platform. I know hundreds of users that would rather quit ROBLOX than (and I am quoting) - "Stoop to their level of idiocracy - to the point where you are fighting on a bloody children's game." By all means, I understand where they are coming with, and I totally understand why they wouldn't want to associate with a community that in stereotype coming off as immature in some cases.

Clan Points are now shown on all groups, including non-Clans.
Yet, ROBLOX has had the recent audacity to just assume that all groups are "clans." Sourcing that as a majority of groups are apparently clans, that all people should be given a similar currency or registry of points. I only see ROBLOX doing one of two things, removing Clan Points from groups that aren't buying clan status on ROBLOX [which is now appearing in the Group Admin] or it just not being touched at all. This has already received some mutual backlash from users all over the community, so it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

In a similar statement, developers alike aren't exactly pleased with how Player Points and Clan Points work and how they are distributed. I had the opportunity to speak with Ravenshield, a friend of mine who is a member of StudioARE (love SA!) - we discussed a little bit of the ideals of player points. 

"It's just ridiculous..." He said. He followed this up by saying, "If there was a more viable way of rewarding it and not making it a fame-riches popularity stunt, it may actually be a good idea."

Some users who tagged along into the conversation noted that Ravenshield has a point; that the only users this is ultimately benefiting right now are users with exceptional amounts of ROBUX in the community.

"It would be interesting to see if ROBLOX finds a way to shift it and make it equal." One user noted. "As Andrew Jackson said, "It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government [in this case, the game & feature like-so] to their own selfish purposes.""

Now, I know the ROBLOX team is full of great people with grand visions for this game - and by no means am I saying that they need to change it. I'm simply stating what I know about their past features and i'm directly paralleling this feature with their failed projects. The way this is going right now, ROBLOX is ultimately forcing this entire "Clan Points-Player Points" frenzy upon users. The only benefit of it all is that it's something you don't even have to be involved in; it's completely optional. But you must understand that the entire vision of such an idea even succeeding is beyond me. Every major time in ROBLOX's history when they tried to force an idea upon users in an effort to make more relevant details and "rank users and groups" it has appeared to fail, and I can't see Player Points and Clan Points not diverging that road again and following it's assigned path into it's natural death.


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