Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chicken of the Month: April

Royal Fabergé Egg
Time for CotM number 4! I really like this one, it was made by Gondwana and resembles the Royal Fabergé Egg from last year's egg hunt, which was made by nintendocpu. 

The Fab from last year is probably my favorite fab in last year's hunt, it's purple with yellow lines on it to make it look.. er, royal.

Enough with the Fabergé, this post is all about the CotM, which is a great chicken, but not the best so far (nothing has beaten the January Chicken so far, that one was great (ily TREVOR818730)).

CotM: April Faberge Chicken
CotM: April Faberge Chicken
What else did you think a Faberge egg would hatch into? April's Chicken of the Month.

Texture: 8/10

This chicken looks very nice. It was created by Gondwana to represent a Fabergé in last year's Egg Hunt made by nintendocpu. It's mainly purple, with a lighter purple beak and mane.. thing.. Like the other chickens, it has large eyes that look like.. eyes. The main chicken itself is purple with yellow lines to make it look exactly like the egg from last Egg Hunt. It looks nice, but the other chickens looked nicer.

Mesh: 9/10

The mesh is the same exact thing from all the other chickens. Chicken head, open beak to show your head inside, and a mane thing. Nothing much to say about the mesh anymore, because I've already reviewed the same thing three times.

Price: 7/10

The prices of these chickens just keeps rising and rising. It's the fourth one, so of course it's 400 Robux. I don't really like this pattern, that means the next will be 500.. then 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, and lastly 1200. That adds up to 7800 Robux spent in total on CotMs if you want them all at the end. That's a lot of robux.

Timing: 10/10

Surprisingly, the timing of this chicken actually wasn't that bad. It came out the Friday before Easter on a timer to go off sale the day before Easter. I know, you're probably thinking "but why wouldn't it be on sale for Easter?" Well, it's not an Easter chicken, it's more of an Egg Hunt chicken, and the terrible Egg Hunt was finally released after being shut down 5 times on the Friday before Easter, when this chicken came out.

OVERALL: 8.5/10
This chicken is actually pretty good. Although the price pattern will call for a lot of robux spent on CotMs at the end, I'm sure most of them will eventually go limited like the January one did.

Thanks for reading!