Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Major Update: Roblox Rally.

This was the secret project. Somethings have already been said, and I thank Xuber for filling you in. My Google account was broken, so I couldn't log on to Blogger. Majority of the rumors you've heard on the forums are fake. Here's how it went.

This is the secret project that arbirator assigned me to, I have pictures to show you also.

10:00-Everyone was waiting at the door hoping that they could ask the devs/admins/mods/interns questions and see the surprise Roblox had made.

10:30-Builderman(David.Dazsucki) had explained everything to what was in the goodie bags, where you get your free lunch, and where everything was.

10:45-The Devs started out with a Terrain generator, that could allow you to make better baseplates and more uses for games like: Mining/RPGs/RPs/Battle Fields. They even had a test for it at their Game Test room. Builderman also talked about the Stamper tool and how you could easily make your own set of items that anyone can use. Both of these things required scripting and they even showed the audience how you could make your own.

11:00-A couple of the admins had discussed plugins, something that would be able to change the Roblox Studio default tools forever. The plugins would allow you to make and edit maybe a C-Frame Generator or so. Mega games were also discussed. This feature allows you to have 100 people in a game at one time! Roblox couldn't magae this without thei basic Ram level (An amount of virtual space that Roblox uses to put Game persistance data on) They updated this Ram to a level that would not lag out the servers and introduce fun to games like Wars/Sword Fights/Hunts/etc.

11:30-Scripting 101 was a time set for Telamon to show scripters on all levels just the basics. It wasn't too long, but it explained how you could make an Explosion Brick and Obby. He started out with the basic (game.Workspace.Part) script. This part even taught me a little something as my scripting level is 0. The iPhone app was talked about. Roblox had leaked something called 1v1 gaming where you woulde be able to play eachother on a certain type of game. This was in beta testing so, the idea wasn't too understandable to everyone.

12:00-Roblox teleports. This was the 2nd highlight of the day. This feature allows you to telerpot over from the current game to another. The twist to it is that you have to have the Spawn Id to transfer to the other game. When questions were asked, one Roblxian asked can I take a plane or modeled object into the teleport with me. Telamon commented," We are thinking about that idea, I could go take a plane from one game and abduct a couple people here and there, and I'm good." This feature was also meant for the use of party games. And yes, you'll get place ticket traffic if someone teleports to your game.

12:30-Personal Servers is a game feature that allows users to build at one place at a same time and most-likely will be kept there forever. The idea seems to me that this is just a group build mode, but it automatically saves for you. This idea was confusing the most out of all.

Some facts about Roblox.

Telamon had 50% of the users on Roblox around 2007.
His "You Killed Telamon" Bade is just to try to see if people can kill him with a regular sword at his SFOTH5, although it's obvious that he can use DH or some powerful sword.
Telamons was banned 46 times
Telamon wasn't around when Roblox first started.
The reason why I think the "FaBLUElous Hair" was created, is because MSE6 has dyed Blue hair.
MSE6 was banned for dating purposes
StealthPilot and RoboTim were banned for swearing (First 3 bans)
The most banned account is "awesometyler" (Deleted and banned 1,152 times.

There were 2 contests: As Roblox is updating there data space, they can allow over 1 Million bricks in one baseplate. Roblox has a guessing game where you had to guess the amount of bricks in a framed picture. Whoever was closest got to take it home. The other contest was a drawing contest. I think each contestant earned a caboose/train hat.

Roblox showed a graph of things they looked for into someone who wanted to work for

Near Closing Time-Roblox allowed idea that could be made by players. Here's a small list of ideas:
Trading System
Realistic Liquids
NBC Bodies
User-made Hats/Gear
More Animals Packages

Fortunately what everyone hoped for was the Trading System which won. They announced that the next day they would start of with a meeting on how they would make this work. The crowd went wild, and as you know with all the scammers and that trading isn't allowed, people enjoyed this.

At the end everyone pretty much left, but there were more questions to be asked. Robloxians got to asked their favorite staff questions like:
How did the Telamon & Fried Chicken fad start?
How do you ban people?
How do yuo stop illegal things?

Roblox had a gametest lobby, where you were able to test the new features. Yes, you were able to play other games and meet up with new people you've probably never met before. Although the 15 minute time limit was not enough for some people. At least they discovered some thing that not everyone could see at tyhe rally.

In the goodie bags playes had a poster that could be signed by the admins and a slip which allows you to get the Rally TopHat.

The Rally was worth it, I hope everyone enjoyed this function and I thank Roblox for making this happen.

*Sorry if the times are off, I didn't when all of this happened.So if anything is incorrect, place pm me on Roblox (jirachidog). If any items are missing I will add them, but I will know which things are rumors.

*Pictues coming and errors to be fixed.

As days pass, you can check youtube or Roblox's twitter to get upcoming videos of these things.