Thursday, October 31, 2013

Place Showcase - Terra Novus

Place Showcase
Terra Novus by Crazyman32

Note: This game is still under development. Another review of the game will come once Crazyman32 has completed the game.

Nuclear Simulation_Image

As a fan of Crazyman32, I was excited when he posted on twitter that he was starting a nuclear simulation. As you probably know, Crazyman32 already has a vast array of popular games, including Perilous Skies, RO-Port Tycoon and Freeflight.

Upon entering the game, a GUI appears on the screen which told me to adjust my sound level so you can hear the sound, with a nice acoustic guitar, which Crazyman32 recorded himself, playing in the background. Upon clicking ‘Start’, my character was placed in a room where the TV is playing dubstep. Suddenly, a nuclear threat alert appears on the screen, and my character got up to look out of the window. I then walked outside, and went down into the basement of the house, which is a dark room lit with a hanging lightbulb. Suddenly, there is a loud crash, and I was knocked out unconscious. When I woke up, I walked outside and there was a big mushroom cloud in the sky.

My character then heard a noise, and looked up to see a plane crashing. I was then knocked out unconscious again, waking up to find myself led among lots of plane debris. I then got up, and my character was guided along a path, where I am finally able to control my character. In my inventory, there were two things, a flashlight and some radiation treatment, which contained five doses. I walked along a path for a bit, and came to a tunnel. I decided to get my flashlight out, as it was dark, and then continued along the tunnel.

After some walking through the dark tunnels, I exited the tunnel and swam across a small pond. I then walked a while longer, and entered another underground passage. After a bit more walking, I came to another small lake, with an island in the middle. I swam across to the island, and jumped down a hole I found here. I then walked a bit longer. I reached a train track, and followed it a little, until I reached an underground cave. I swam underwater and found a hole. After swimming underwater a while, I came out of the water and found myself outside, reaching the end of the game so far.

The starting cutscene in Terra Novus is really well made. Crazyman32 has implemented the use of audio in this game well, as various parts of the game include sound, from a TV to water. The terrain is also built very well, and Crazyman32 has put a lot of effort into even the smallest of features.

Gameplay: 8 / 10
Scripting: 9 / 10
Effort: 10 / 10

Overall: 9 / 10