Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hat Review: Donald P. Sullivan - Gold Edition

Donald P. Sullivan
Gold Edition

Donald P Sullivan - Gold Edition

Mesh: 7/10
There isn't all that much to say about the mesh. It's the exact same mesh as the original Donald P. Sullivan hat. A cylinder-headed robot with angry-looking eyed, a bowler hat, and a fancy-looking moustache. The original hat wasn't too popular at first, so they made a package to go along with it.

Texture: 10/10
Even if this is just an edited version of an old hat, you have to admit the texture looks awesome. Everything is gold. The head is gold, the bowler hat is gold, his hair is gold. Even his moustache is gold. The only thing not covered in gold are his eyes. If the eyes were gold, it would have looked worse, so I'm glad they kept the eyes as they were.

Price: 3/10
I don't know what on earth the ROBLOX staff were thinking when they priced and stocked this hat. It's 7,500 robux with 350 in stock. When my hat notifier told me this came out and I saw the price, I expected it to have 50 or 100 in stock. But I was extremely disappointed when I saw how many there really were. Even with it completely coated in gold, it's taken[to this point] 5 hours to sell out, and 105 still remain. I estimate it will start out at around 9 - 10,000 robux and then drop to around 5,000. If the stock had been lower, it probably would've sold out long ago and be at around 20-30k right now. In all the years that limited items have been around, the ROBLOX staff still doesn't seem to be improving at pricing and stocking them.

Overall: 6/10
This hat looks good, a totally gold-covered revamp of an old, non-so-popular hat. But the price and stock are ludicrous and the staff should've known better. It will fail as a limited item. So if you have 3-4,000 robux, I'd suggest you wait until it sells out and buy it for a discounted price, because it will NOT profit.

However, I do like the idea of "gold edition" hats. I wonder what, if any, other Gold Edition hats will come out. My vote goes to Shaggy - Gold Edition.