Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[BC] Hangout - Moan-Up Place Review

[BC] Hangout!I thought roleplay games were starting to get better, until I realized there were games with cracks, houses not made by the creator and just placed on an empty baseplate with no real CFrames at all. God kill me now. This game can be referred to as 'ODer heaven' or 'ODer land' or even 'Needs ODer patrol'.

When I entered the game I was greeted by a blatantly free modeled elevator, and by blatantly I mean dragged off of the toolbox and onto the spawn, that's how pathetic this game is.

There is also three or so hot tubs in this game, all of which just have smoke rising from them. The house is blatantly not made by the creator, and yet despite it being a free model it still isn't the right size for a robloxian, three times the height of my own. That's very annoying.

The VIP area is blatantly made by the creator, consisting of many cracks and then a free modeled VIP door.  The cracks make the things the VIP contains very visible, allowing us to see how awful VIP actually is. The creator of this game obviously has no knowledge of scripting, building nor does he know how to advertise a game on it's front cover - he's so stingy that he won't even make the cover an actual picture, instead of one made inside studio.

Also, this game has a random 20 bricks that are making an illusion, and they are nothing to do with the game, they don't even relate to the word 'Hangout'. It's so obvious that things were placed from the disgraceful toolbox in the free models section.

The VIP is 36R$ and not even a game pass, I assume because he didn't want to make the game nice and swish with a professional game pass. Or he just couldn't get the script for a game pass on the wiki. Either way, stingy or lazy and I don't like people who are like either of those two personalities. It just shows they're not the sort of person you want to hang out with.

The game states in the description 'This is a fun hangout for any bc to come and enjoy!!', nothing in this is true, when would a game that is so awfully built make me enjoy it? Huh? Answer me?! Well exactly, you can't. As much as I love reviewing awful games, I deteste visiting them, you evil readers, you! Only joking.


Scripting: 0/10
Awful, awful, bro do you even code?

Building: 0/10
Seeing as nothing was made by the creator, he doesn't deserve anything.

Overall: 0/10


Thanks for reading.
~Zakary Wilson