Monday, May 6, 2013

ROBLOX Scripting: Using a non-PVP Humanoid

Humanoids can be debated as the most important item that lies within the character of a ROBLOXian, I believe that's true. Without the Humanoid, we do not have the Sitting down property, nor do we have the WalkSpeed, neither run. With a humanoid, you gain the option to have death, but what if you were to, perhaps be Non-PVP, or not allow somebody to kill you with a sword, well. You'd change the name of the humanoid (SUPER SIMPLE), and if you were to convert a sword so that it still works with you even when your humanoid's name is different, that can also be simple.

A simple roblox sword, is a very long script. Each sword is programmed to kill a person with a humanoid named humanoid. You would have to slice through the code to stop a sword from killing somebody with the name "Humanoid" and change it to, well I don't know, "TheNoob". In this case, the sword would only take health from the character with the Humanoid named "TheNoob". In my case, that's what my humanoid is called!!!

But that is way too advanced for now, at the moment I am doing simple scripts.

So, to change the humanoid's name would simply be a script inside the StarterGui, the script would contain...


This would stop players from being able to kill that person, if you are a person who hates that stupid force field, (like me), then you will like this. In my game, Classic Sword Fight, I use an AFK Gui, within the game I have a sword named sword that is inside the lighting, and each player has the same sword. This is the script for the button that turns the player into afk mode..


I would suggest using this as an afk script, it's very reliable, and hasn't let me down yet..