Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Community Article: Interview with best3000!

In today's community article we have an interview with best3000; one of the winners of the Dynamic Lighting Video Contest! His winning entry can be viewed below:


Q: Rank from 10 to 0 how good you are at making videos.
A: Mostly like to be 3, as because I work alone with not many skills as to edit the acting/showing footage.

QRank from 10 to 0 how good you are at lua programming.
A: -1, no kidding. From the start (08 Feb 2008) I always play the games that other people created with awesome lua skills. When I go in the studio I ought to look left and right then say "I have no knowledge of lua".

Q: What inspired you to do what you did?
A: The first segment of the video of John's dynamic lighting footage give me the idea to inspire to make that part as in my contest video. But it seems so small and did not show everything as I wish it to be. So I enlarged it and it perfectly lags up my computer, it even put my fps to 3-5. The second one I was inspired by realflow flooding, but it seem so pale without lights. So I dump up the light and that is the result. About the Tetris, I have in idea for the last segment so I think up the game that can present up the dynamic lighting and Tetris came up in my mind. In before all of that happens I have the first idea that seems to be a fail (it is). It consists of a car In the night with some street lights, slender man with flashlight, top it off with nothing (or something that I have forgot). And it tells of stuff with a board with some words on it. I eventually scraped that idea and bring up a new one. Showing of before and after style, example : spiral stairs,offices,dark corners. I end up scraping that one too, the only thing that remains today is the beauty of dynamic lights. 

Q: What do you think of your work? Is it good or bad in your opinion?
A: I think it is "pretty good". Turns out I'm the oddballs among the winners of the dynamic lighting group. Where I show the beauty of it through lighting spheres and Tetris. Where other people shows up the beauty of dynamic lighting through epic structures and building.

Q: Did you have help?
A: Not at all. I was alone and tends not to ask for any ideas, as if my friend in roblox didn't online that much and friends in my steam don't know anything about roblox or dynamic lighting at all.

Q: What did you use in order to complete your video?
A: I used : Roblox studio 2013 (duh) , a lot of spheres and screen shots , Playclaw (a recording software) and Sony Vegas 12.

Q: Anything you regret?
A: I regret that I could have done it better.

Q: Would you like to be famous?
A: A "Well known" would be enough for me.

Master of Light and Darkness Hat

Q: Did you get anything for being in the top 10?
A: I did get some lesson and a hat from this. A lesson : keep trying, your persistence hasn't died just yet to enter the contest. You can be better than this. A hat : epically "Worth it!". 

Thanks are owed to will78962 for submitting this excellent interview to Roblox News. We will be looking forward to future interviews from will!