Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hat Review: Headstack!

Hey guys, I’m back after a long break and I apologize. I have been extremely busy with school and family I haven’t had time to write reviews. I have exams early June and vacation right after so basically for most of June I won’t even be on roblox meaning no reviews. Anyways today I’m here to bring you a classic hat review! Today I will be covering one of the hats in this year’s memorial sale, it’s a classic! Today I’m reviewing Headstack!

Mesh:  My first thought when I saw it in the catalog today was classic, I mean really this looks old just looks old and nice the hat itself looks like nothing you would normally  in the catalog. The mesh it good, it sits on your head like a perfect stack, your head being the biggest, next head being a bit smaller than the last head being the smallest. Honestly, I give this classic a 10/10!

Appearance: This hat is great, it sits on the top of your head and fits nicely it also looks really cool. It is a joker hat if you know what I mean; it makes you look like you have 3 heads. The best hat you could wear with this would be headstack, it would make you look like you hat 5 heads!  I give it 9/10!

Price: This hat has a great price for a classic hat.  It was off sale till Friday (Memorial Day sale ) and came back on a timer till Thursday, the 30th of May for just 280 robux! I highly suggest investing money into this hat for its rarity and history. This deserves a 10/10!

Overall 10/10
This hat is one of the better hats put back on sale during this sale so I adivse you buy it. Thanks for reading!

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