Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hat Review: Rock 'n Shades

Rock 'n Shades
Rock 'n Shades
Mesh: 10/10
Rock 'n Shades is no doubt one of the coolest hats to date. If you keep up with the limited item market, you'll know that some of the most wanted items are shades and headphones, of any kind. Well, Rock 'n Shades are shades AND headphones in one awesome package. The shades are actually attached to the headphones at the end, technically making it one hat instead of two. But you still have to admit, it looks awesome.

Texture: 10/10
Rock 'n Shades is a very colorful hat. The shades are black with plastic blue rims. The headphones are a variety of colors. The rim of the earphones are blue and green, with an orange design on the side. The top of the headphones have a sort of foam texture, making it look more realistic and not just boring plastic.

Price: 7.5/10
The pricing and stock of this hat caused a good bit of controversy on Let's Make a Deal in the few hours after it was released. It was a good price for shades and headphones, 1,000 robux, but it was very overstocked with 1,000 in circulation. It sold quite a few copies in the first few minutes, but sales slowed and it took a few hours to completely sell out. At first, prices stayed at a failing rate of about 1,200 - 1,300 robux, but over time they passed the profiting point of 1,429 robux and now sell at about that price, or higher. Occasionally somebody will sell it for a bad price, but I see more profit in this hat's future. With shades and headphones both in one, how can you go wrong?

Overall: 9/10
Overall, this hat was very cool, being, unless I'm mistaken, the first REAL 2-in-1 hat ever made. The stock could've been lower, but it looks awesome on your avatar and will probably raise in price slowly over the next few days.