Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Sale Recap!

Greetings! If you keep up to date with ROBLOX, you know that this weekend is the ROBLOX Memorial Day sale! This post is meant to keep you updated on exactly everything that is part of the sale, and this post will be updated as the sale continues on.

Friday, May 24th: DAY ONE

On the first day of the sale, some sale events actually did happen on a Friday for once instead of just sale gear on Friday. Early in the day the Headstack went back on sale, making it this sale's "ruined classic". (which is a classic wanted offsale item that goes back onsale for a sale, such as Silverthorn Antlers and Biggerhead). The Headstack is priced at 280 robux, which is approximately 10x the value of it's original price (280 tix). It's a clever hat, and has raised demand for it's counterpart hat, the Headrow. Already it has sold quite a lot! It is planning to go back offsale soon, so get it when you can.
Next up the Valkyrie Helm was put on a timer before it was made limited. A few minutes before the timer ran out, it became a limited item (though the timer still running did not affect the status of it). It's original price was 30,000 tix (3k robux) and has been currently failing, dropping down to 2.5k robux. There are three reasons for this. One, because there are way too many owners (over 10k). Two, people are going to pricewar it just to sell it. Three, because ROBLOX once again said it was going limited a few days before it went limited, and usually all onsale items that are confirmed limited status fail.
Valkyrie Helm
This hat isn't really sale news, but I thought I'd include it anyways. Later that day, ROBLOX uploaded a new pinstripe fedora hat, with a different mesh. This hat is offsale and was rewarded to anyone who bought a fedora at the ROBLOX booth at the Maker Faire.
ROBLOX Pinstripe Fedora
Soon afterwards, the Snake Sniper, a gear that was released about a month ago, was originally 1000 robux and was timed came back on sale. This time it is at the price of 900 robux, a 100 robux discount from the previous price. (10% off) This gear is also planning to go back offsale soon. A few minutes after, the popular R-Orb Gear from Black Friday 2012 went on discount from 1000 robux to 750 robux. (25% savings). However, I feel like this gear and the Artemis Bow are constantly put on sale during ROBLOX sales.
Snake SniperR-Orb
The Classic Swordpack Throwback from the last sale went on sale at 75 robux (50% discount!) and is now timed, meaning it will go offsale. It is so far one of the biggest item discounts, and I'd recommend getting it already if you don't own it.
Classic Swordpack Throwback
This next item was released really late that night and was a shock to everyone. Earlier that day BrightEyes posted on the forums that the long awaited Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma by IBarrageI would be timed instead of limited, and extremely expensive. She was right. This hat is a retexture of the original Lord of the Void, and is timed currently. It is at the insane price of 45,000 robux, making it one of the most expensive nonlimited items made. On Saturday, it is guaranteed to go limited. This can be good or bad. Due to the high demand, it might majorly profit, but it might also fail because of how many sales it gets. Right now it has over 200 sales, which is not looking good for the Crimsonwrath. It's a great retexture, but I don't think it is necessarily worth it. People are also putting limiteds up for snipe for it, and those are better deals than the Lord of the Magma.
Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma
Next up was the gears of the week. I was a bit disappointed that none of the gears were high demand items like a Energy Sword or a Periastron. The first gear was the Amerilaser Blaster, and is limited. It's a pretty cool gear, as it can literally fire red, white, and blue stripes at people. However, aiming it and it's reload time are terrible for the gear. Even though it was 375 robux and 1776 in stock, it overall massively profited. It's currently selling for around 1000 robux, giving original buyers approximately 325 robux profit. A little afterwards some Memorial Day Fireworks and a Historic 'Timmy' Gun came out. The fireworks cost 250 robux and aren't the most creative gear but make a good use of dynamic lighting. The Timmy Gun however, is sort of a boring 13+ gear, and is not worth 1000 robux. ROBLOX only released three gears instead of four, which personally isn't that good for a Memorial Day sale. I personally believe either it was because they did five gears the previous week, or they were making four gears but they canceled the fourth gear.
Amerilaser BlasterMemorial Day FireworksHistoric 'Timmy' Gun
To end off Friday, we have some more sales. The popular but expensive Overseer package went on sale for 1,500, which is 500 robux off the original price of 2,000 robux. (25% discount). The same thing happened to the popular expensive gear, the RC Tank. (was 2,000 robux, now 1,500 which as said before is a 25% discount). The counterpart to the Overseer, the Knightmare, went on sale at a discounted price of 500 robux, which is a 33% discount to the original price of 750. From the last sale, the Bluesteel Crown went from 5,000 robux to 4,000 robux. This is a 20% discount but honestly not a great one for quite an overpriced hat. The extremely popular retexture of the Double Platinum DJ, the 8-Ball Headphones, went on sale at a discounted price of 665 robux. It's original price was 888 robux, so it's an approximate 25% discount. That is it for day one.
The OverseerRC TankKnightmareBluesteel Crown8-Ball Headphones
Saturday, May 25th: DAY TWO

Not as much happened on Saturday compared to Friday. BrightEyes hinted that this day would contain "a face, a timely surprise, the long awaited Bluesteel Bathysphere, and more!" The day started off with the timely surprise. After being put on sale for every sale at 19,358 robux, Clockwork's Shades finally went limited. These shades are favored heavily by the community, and many want to include it in their hat combos. The current average price of these shades is about 31,000 robux, which means owners are only making about a 3000 robux profit. The shades are starting to raise, however they're on a borderline, and could at some point drop in price and fail.
Clockwork's Shades
Next up we have a new hat, a hat made limited, a hat back on sale, and a new package. The Amerihawk is a nice new hair-themed hat and with a cheap cost of 75 robux, is a good deal. The favored original Sword pack went limited, and is selling from between 250-300 robux, which is a decent profit for such a cheap and common hat. Sk10r Boi went back on sale for it's original price at 70 robux, even though it went back on sale for the previous sale. A new package called the Crook came out for 1,000 robux, which is a terrible price for this package. The suit looks ok, and the fedora that comes with it doesn't have a great mesh.
AmerihawkSword packSk10r BoiThe Crook
The Bluesteel Bathysphere finally came out, but was a great disappointment. It was 50 robux with 10,000 in stock, another insanely overstocked limited. To be honest, it isn't that great of a retexture, but it is currently selling for around 300 robux, which is some good profit (about 160 robux profit). This hat took about two hours to sell out.
Bluesteel Bathysphere
A new face called I Didn't Eat That Cookie came out, at a cheap price of 50 robux. It was one of the runners-up in the make a new face contest, and is a good deal for a face. You can't even tell that it was made by a user, that's how well-done it looks.
I Didn't Eat That Cookie
At the end of the day, Crimsonwrath Lord of the Magma was taken offsale with 254 sales. However, many users thought that it would be made limited immediately after being taken offsale, so some accidently deleted their hat by mistake. Hours later it went limited, and is currently selling for double the price it was originally. The problem: no one is going to buy it because they had an opportunity to buy it for cheaper earlier. However, it is going to get high demand trades from people who wanted it but didn't have enough robux.

Sunday, May 26th: DAY THREE
Okay, I honestly have no clue what ROBLOX was thinking when they planned this day for the sale. Only one thing happened, which was really disappointing. The Blue Plaid Fedora, a (extremely ugly) retexture of the classic Pinstripe Fedora mesh went back on sale temporarily for a high price of 1,357 robux. If you want a Pinstripe Fedora meshed hat, this one however is a pretty good deal compared to other pinstripe fedora like hats (perfectly legitimate business hat, rainbow fedora, etc.)
Blue Plaid Fedora
Monday, May 27th: DAY FOUR (Memorial Day)
Since it is Memorial Day, some America-themed hats should come out soon. The first thing that happened this day was, as promised, the Sk9r Boi went limited. It's now quickly lowering and selling below it's original price. So now, Sk9r Boi and Valkyrie Helm have failed, Sword Pack and Clockwork's Shades profited, and Lord of the Magma has split LMaD into either loving it or hating it. You should be able to snag a couple Sk9r Bois for cheap prices.
Sk9r Boi
Next up, the classic and loved Red Stetson went back on sale for 125 robux (which in my opinion, this is one of the best things that has happened in this sale so far.) So yes, Red Stetson now joins the family of ruined classics. It's a great looking hat, however lately ROBLOX seems to be forgetting to put timers and sale tags on these hats. If you have the money definitely buy it.
Red Stetson
After the Red Stetson went back on sale, the notorious Mr. Hatbot (most well known for being using in top hat combos) went on sale for 3,000 robux. This is a 40% discount from the previous price of 5,000 robux and is a good deal for a hat that doesn't have as quite as much attention as it deserves.
Mr. Hatbot
Tuesday, May 28th: DAY FIVE

This day contained a new package, and three new hats! One of which comes with the package, the second one is a regular hat, and the third one is a special timed hat. Officer Blox is a police-themed package which is the counterpart to the Crook Package, and is MUCH CHEAPER compared to it. For 75 robux you can get a policeman package and a police cap, which is a great deal. For those asking why the Officer Blox police cap has three sales, it's because ROBLOX accidently put it on sale for a bit before the package including the hat went on sale.
Officer Blox
Next came the Marching Band Cap, I honestly don't think this is the greatest hat made for a sale (or even if it was meant for the sale). However, 35 robux is a decent deal for a hat.
Marching Band Cap
The last item released was the Technicolor Shades, a cool hypnotic-looking shades that ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD on your character. They're currently 250 robux and planned to go offsale on the end of the sale, so get them when you can! Also the description does not mention if they are a planned to go limited item, so they might stay offsale for a long time.
Technicolor Shades
Wednesday, May 29th: DAY SIX, the last day
Nothing has happened yet, but the Memorial Day poll promised that a gear would go limited, and no gear has gone limited yet. I have a good feeling that it might be the original Spec Alpha or Spec Beta Biograft Energy Sword that goes limited, but be on the lookout. If Spec Alpha goes limited it should make some good profit, however if Spec Beta were to go limited it would have MASSIVE profit, as there are only 100 or less owners.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager