Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paranormal Activity - Place Review

Paranormal Activity (NBC)_ImageI looked at the front page, and there's this new game, it's called 'Paranormal Activity', there's a reason I never let the front page decide whether a game is good. And this review may explain why, but not to the point, if you know what I mean.

I was expecting to join the game and it look like the front page, but it's obviously not. 'Never judge a book by it's cover'. I did, bad move.

I was lucky enough to join a server with nobody in it, allowing me to see all the special effects, they're not anything special, just some tacky CFrames and tacky scripts- the effects aren't even in the player's Current Camera, so once the effect has been used- it can't be used again. That's just stupid.

The game is sorted into teams, useless teams telling you whether you're in the office or outside. To be honest I never remember having to be told which environment I am in, I can work out by myself thanks! There's also a pointless, noticeably free modeled 'Seconds Alive' leaderboard, as well as a 'Chat Gui' obviously not made by the creator - the chat Gui I have seen in many other games.

Some of the tacky effects looked cool, like the small blood footprints that I followed, but it still didn't impress me. I'm also not a fan of games like 'Paranormal Activity' in which you enter and do not get scared even the slightness, it gives the game no purpose, I think I'd find 'Rose Tyler' more scary than this game. Back to the point.

When you spawn, you are greeted with some awful characters with the name above their heads saying their thoughts, I always thought bringing Dialogs in was supposed to avoid that, that's just a poor use of Roblox Resources, I would have used a billboard gui, I would have used items that would make my game look better, attract more users.

The game also consists of stupid buildings, like the buildings that are completely white with no interior worth looking at what-so-ever. Also, when I finished the tiny little obstacle course I was killed, I think to myself, 'What was the point in me even entering the game, if all I entered for was to die?'.

Don't visit this place, you may die, because it's so scary...

Scripting: 4/10
Not professional or good in any way.

Building: 4/10
Could have done loads better, take a lesson from Cameron Stickley.

Overall: 4/10
Awful, awful and awful.

This game was also stolen from 1Dev2.

Thanks for reading.

~Zakary Wilson