Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Hats 2013!

Sombreros, sombreros, and even MORE SOMBREROS seemed to be the theme this year on ROBLOX for Cinco de Mayo. Without further ado, here is a quick rundown of everything that happened!

Cinco De Mayo Sombrero

Before Cinco de Mayo, ROBLOX re-released the 2010 Cinco de Mayo Sombrero. It was at a price of 250 robux and was timed, meaning it was confirmed to go and stay off-sale again like usual. This sombrero is not the best looking sombrero on ROBLOX (I consider the classic 2007 sombrero mesh to be the best), but it is a solid addition to your ROBLOX sombrero hat collection.


The first new hat released was the Sunbrero (pun intended), the only published Cinco de Mayo retexture this year by rebellion666. At a cheap price of 50 robux, this sombrero is a good deal. The whole idea of it is clever and the texture looks well done. In my opinion, this is probably the best sombrero released this year.

Fiesta Sombrero

Hours after the Sunbrero was released, the Fiesta Sombrero, a sombrero very similar to the Sunbrero, came out. It was originally 150 robux and had 2500 in stock (honestly, item stocks seem to be getting too high these days). Currently it is selling for around 300 robux, making it a small win. The blue texture is very interesting, and makes it look neat for a sombrero.

Mexico Sombrero

The last sombrero, the Mexico Sombrero, was released hours after the Fiesta Sombrero. It was uniquely a tix hat, costing 1,000 tix. This sombrero resembles the Cinco de Mayo Sombrero in many ways, such as having text on it and the colors resembling a flag. Well, for a sombrero, it does not look bad.

Overall, this Cinco de Mayo was a pretty decent one. I personally would have liked it if there were other hats besides sombreros. However, the one thing that disappointed me was that NOTHING had happened to the Bluesteel Sombrero. 

Bluesteel Sombrero

The Bluesteel Sombrero was a big item released last Cinco de Mayo, and was worth 5,000 robux. This expensive hat was timed meaning it went off-sale with 339 owners, making it even rarer than the Bluesteel Domino Crown. Nowadays, people are wanting it to go limited, and it is getting high offers if it were to go limited. Other users were hoping for it to go on-sale again, and even rumors were spreading that BrightEyes confirmed once that it would go limited. Nothing at all happened to it. One thing about ROBLOX off-sale items that annoys me is that there are tons of rare old items in the catalog that deserve to go limited over other things that go limited (such as Red Domino should have gone limited in February instead of Dual Illumina, which were released months earlier and now are probably one of the most fail rare gifts). Hopefully it'll go limited next year.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Analyst