Saturday, May 18, 2013

Interview with Keyrut!

Today I bring you an interesting dynamic lighting themed interview with Keyrut; an active ROBLOX forumer. Here is what he had to say!

Q) Do you believe dynamic lighting can add suspense to ROBLOX horror games? Why? 
A) I believe it adds in a new feeling to games on the way it is used, and if it is used correctly it can, such as horror games, or even war games, it adds a whole new element of fear.

Q) Which do you prefer; dark games, or light games? Why?
A) I like both dark and light because in dark games it showcases the full potential of dynamic lighting, and in light games it has the new set of shadowing in certain areas of the game that are intentionally made dark, which is also pretty cool.

Q) What do you believe is the best aspect to the dynamic lighting update? Why?
A) I love the Global Shadows property, mainly because it completely transforms a old game to a new game, it makes it just feel simply, amazing.

Q) Upon its release, describe the game ideas that immediately came to mind? 
A) The first Idea I had were Muzzle Flashes (this has now be implemented into Battlefield), and Police Cars. ( Haha, I know not the best but pretty cool)

Q) How do you think dynamic lighting adds to the ROBLOX experience? 
A) It adds in a lot more awe into games, other then that it also shows ROBLOX not only is beautiful but has successfully been able to make a game beautiful and with virtually no lagg!

Q) What is your favourite place with dynamic lighting implemented?
A) Strobe!

Q) Are there any features you would add to dynamic lighting? Describe them
A) I would probably add a further distance for shadows to be show and possibly more Range for point-lights and spotlights.

Q) If you were a ROBLOX developer and were asked to design an item with dynamic lighting properties, what would it be? 
A) A Mining Helmet, because you know, lights on hats would be cool.

Q) Out of the five gears that currently alter dynamic lighting. which is your favourite?
A) Lightblox Jar

Q) Finally, sum up dynamic lighting in one word!
A) Nani (Beautiful in Hawaiian)

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News