Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma - The bias wars

When Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma was made limited...scratch that, even BEFORE it was made limited, there was what seemed like an all-out war between Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma owners and those who didn't own it.

Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma

On one hand, you had the loyal owners of Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma who stick to the idea that it would be worth 200,000+ robux when it sells out and will be worth more than sparkle time fedoras and elemental helms.

But then you have the non-owners who stick to their logic of "it's to expensive and will have too many sails, it will fail miserably".

For the entire length of Crimsonwrath's sale timer, the 2 sides argued, each side using fairly logical arguments about why it will or will not fail. On one hand, "it's going to have 200+ sales and fail because there are too many owners". But on the other hand, "it's a retexture of a 500,000+ robux limited item and everyone will want it".

Both sides had good arguments, but when the wait was over and Crimsonwrath finally went limited, the results were finally seen.

When it first went limited, it sold for 90 - 100,000 robux and was traded for big-scale items like The Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom, Dominus Messor, and Arctic Commando[or so the owners claimed].

But, as the non-owners predicted, it rapidly began to lower. The next day it reached 85,000 robux. The next day, 80,000, then 75,000, and it is currently selling for a price of 63,000 robux, a price at which the owners lose profit.

The biggest war was between Crimsonwrath, LotM and Bluesteel Fedora.

All over the Let's Make a Deal forum you could see "LOTM > BSF" and "LOLNO BSF > LOTM".

In the end, Bluesteel Fedora ended up being worth more. I myself had to trade Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma + 10,000 robux in items for my Bluesteel Fedora.

My suggestion to you investors: Get rid of your Crimsonwrath as soon as you can, and for as big an item as you can. The owners insist it's 100,000+, but it's rapidly failing and it would be a good idea to get what you can for it while you can.