Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Sale - Early Poll Results

Recently early results for the memorial day sale were posted in the official ROBLOX blog. I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with the results. Let's do a quick run-through. And remember, this is not ALL the results, just a few of them.

Items Going Limited

The Valkyrie Helm
Valkyrie Helm
The Valkyrie Helm, a roblox classic that has existed since 2008. I personally think this was a terrible choice to go limited. It looks good, so of course it will have high demand, but over 11,000 have sold and it rwill likely sell for less than its original price.

Sword Pack
Sword pack
One of the most popular hats on roblox, went offsale with over 130,000 buys. It may or may not profit, because the original price was fairly cheap at 150 robux. buy so many exist the sellers may price war it into failure. If you own swordpack, though, I'd hold onto it. It'll take a few days to reach its potential highest price.

Sk9r Boi
Sk9r Boi
This one came as a shock to me. I never thought I'd see any of the typical "online dater" hats go limited, let alone one with over 120,000 sales. Despite its massive sell count, I'd suggest buying it right now, because it has one of the highest demands of any item on roblox and it will no doubt make a profit.

Items Coming Back Onsale

Blue Plaid Fedora
Blue Plaid Fedora
A semi-classic fedora made completely from a blue plaid texture. Its original price was 1,357 robux and it will likely be going back on-sale for that price, so save your money. Although I'm sad that this hat is coming back making it less rare, lots of people have been wanting it and I guess it is time for a revival.

I really hated seeing this on the back-on-sale list. It's a very classic hat, dating all the way back to mid-2007, and like many other classics like Biggerhead, Cake Hat, and Silverthorn Antlers, it will be ruined in this sale. It will probably be fairly cheap, between 100 and 250 robux.

Sk10r Boi
Sk10r Boi
I'm sure everyone saw this coming. The popular skater hat, sk10r[skatenner?] boi coming back onsale once again. It first went onsale close to the release of ): Purple Indy. It came out very late and sold for only a few hours for 7 robux, and sold again on the President's Day Weekend Sale for 70 robux. It will probably be in that price range.

Items Being Discounted

Bluesteel Crown
Bluesteel Crown
A hat made only a few months ago for the President's Day Weekend sale. It is currently selling for 5,000 robux, a pretty extreme price for a retexture. It looks awesome buy doesn't sell too well, with currently less than 400 sales. My guess is that it will be discounted to a minimum of 2,500 robux.

8 Ball Headphones
8-Ball Headphones
The popular 8 Ball Headphones will be discounted for the second time this year. Last sale they were discounted to 444 robux, half its current price, and I assume it will be discounted to that or cheaper this year.

Mr. Hatbot
Mr. Hatbot
I didn't see this one coming at all. Mr. Hatbot is a pretty unpopular hat with less than 300 sales since 2009 as opposed to Bluesteel Crown's 380-400 sales in a couple of months. It must have been a collaborative effort from a large group of friends who all wanted to see this discounted.

Classical Swordpack Throwback
Classic Swordpack Throwback
The Deluxe Ninja Swordpack retextured grey to capture the "classic essence" of the original swordpack. Like Bluesteel Crown, this was made for the President's Day Weekend Sale. I don't see the logic behind voting for this to be discounted, honestly. It's only 150 robux, a very small price to pay. Even the lowest level of BC has to wait about 10 days to receive enough money, and with a bonus that could be shortened to about 8.

Retextures Being Published

Bluesteel Bathysphere by DarkGenex
Bluesteel Bathysphere REDUX [WILL BE PUBLISHED]
Was there ever any doubt this would be published? With darkgenex spending[if he's telling the truth] 600,000+ tickets on advertising, and all of his loyal Let's Make a Deal friends joining in, I don't see how this could NOT get published. I assume it will be around 755 robux, the price of the original Bathysphere hat, and non-limited.

Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma by IBarrageI
Crimsonwrath,Lord of the Magma [WILL BE PUBLISHED]
Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma, the runner-up to Bluesteel Bathysphere's popularity, was another surefire win for the sale. Let's Make a Deal, the experts on profit and limited items, suspect it will be 900 robux with 123 in stock like Azurewrath, Lord of the Void, which it's based on. Because 900 robux is a lot easier to get today than back then, it could possibly be up to 10,000 robux. If you're online when it comes out, BUY IT. There have been offers as high as Green Sparkle Time Fedora[worth 180,000+] for it.

Now remember, these are the early results, not the full roster. More items will be discounted, limited, and back on-sale, and I assume more retextures will be published too. The sale starts on Friday and goes all the way til Wednesday, so keep your eyes out for items you like.