Monday, May 6, 2013

Community Article: City of London

There are some places on ROBLOX that closely resemble real life places, towns and cities, one of them is London. User cooldude215 has replicated London in such a good way with his place 'City of London' It would be close to impossible to completely remake London as it is now in real life, imagine the lag! cooldude has managed to bring some of the iconic London landmarks and put them together on a map, including the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and even Buckingham Palace! Not only that, but he’s brought the City to life, replicating services such as Police and Foot Guards (Guarding the Royals). He’s even got a Government and a Royal Family! 

I myself am a Police Officer (Constable) and get the tools real life Police Officers would get (Apart from a baton). It’s the same with the other teams, like the Foot Guards and MI6, they get the tools they would usually have in real life. They even have Groups to go with them, and real life ranks.

Of course, in order to do a job, there are certain places to guard. The Police have a duty to guard the Houses of Parliament, Civilians are not allowed in. Trespassers can be arrested or killed if they go past the flags. Police also have a duty to guard Downing Street, although constant guard is not required as there are gates. Again, people who trespass in Downing Street will be arrested or killed. Police also have cars, along with MI6 so they can get around the City fast. Police also have a duty to write criminal records of people if they commit a crime other than trespassing. Again, this is another real life comparison. Foot Guards have to job of guarding the Royals, they usually hang around Buckingham Palace, and again, trespassing will get you shot.
The amount of detail that has been put in is amazing, all the replica buildings look like their real life equivalents.  Cooldude has really done a good job making London look like the real one. The community is great, everyone helps each other and it’s just a really fun place to be. When there aren’t many Police on duty, the Army (BAF) help keep the peace. 
Overall, this is an amazing place. Built well, scripted will, and has a great Community. It’s definitely a place worth visiting. Overall: 9/10
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