Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dual Plunger Gear Review

Hi everyone, pajke here. Today I bring you an article on the Dual Plungers. I was taken by surprise when it came out, in a good way.

Dual Plungers

The plungers came out on Friday, 3rd of May 2013, priced at 450 robux, with over 2000 sales this has become a pretty successful gear.

Abilities: 2 plungers, 2 hands, with this gear you can throw them! Your arms start moving like rotor blades on a helicopter. Slowly in the beginning, but in just a matter of seconds it speeds up and the plungers catch fire! If you hit a player a plunger gets stuck on his face. The gear does moderate damage, the animation and the fire look cool. You can dispatch an opponent in seconds with dozens of plungers hurling in every direction. I'll give it a 9/10, after all nothing is perfect.

Appearance: Individually the plungers look pretty plain and boring, just the color of the plunger itself, I feel like it needs a bit more contrast. But no one's really gonna mind that. Now, the first thing you notice when you see someone wearing this is that they're upside down! I'm happy they made this, it fits well with9 theme. I'll give it an 8/10 since its a kinda plain.

Pricing: The one thing wrong about this gear, is that it's not limited. I'm pretty sure that everyone reading this agrees with me. The price is okay, I am hoping that it goes off-sale in the near future so that it remains uncommon. 7/10

Overall: An overall rating of 8/10 would suit this just fine.