Saturday, May 25, 2013

Boys vs. Girls Island Wars! RANT Review

Where's my robot? Where's my helicopter?
You know, I feel like Boys vs. Girls games and I have some kind of connection. It's almost like we both hate eachother, but we both love hating eachother. It's a bit like Batman and The Joker. We're both bitter enemies, but neither of us know what we'd do without the other. (Guys, I actually AM Batman. Surprise!) I mean seriously, what would I do if there weren't any BvG games? I've only reviewed them twice before here and here. Anyway, enough talk. On to the review!
Gameplay 5/10
The  gameplay is actually surprisingly fun. Unless you consider the fact that I've seen every single one of the vehicles before. The place thumbnail showed a giant robot. I did NOT see any giant robots and I was very disappointed. The basic goal is to go from your island to the other island and kill everyone on it because the other gender is so inferior. That's basically it. You get a rocket launcher and a few guns that really just don't work at all. It's fun for a bit, but then it gets really boring really fast.
Effort 3/10
I can imagine that quite a bit of effort went into this. Not TOO much effort but a little bit. Everything looks way too familiar so I don't really trust that he made it himself.
Creativity 2/10
Do I really have to explain why BvG games aren't creative? Haven't I already gone into that TWICE. As I said in my most recent BvG review "This kind of thing has been thought of by just about every 5 year old on the planet." This still applies today. It's not creative. It's really just kinda stupid.
Overall 3.5/10
  • Give me my robot! You promised me robots
  • Dude! There aren't HELICOPTERS either? Not cool man, not cool.
  • Make sure the weapons actually WORK. The only reliable tool is the rocket.
  • Get rid of the outer door controlling buttons. Why should the enemy have access to those?
  • Add a giant double rainbow over the entire map that periodically makes it rain explosive ponies.
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Place Reviewed: Boys vs. Girls Island Wars!

Reviewed by: Banjobug He's FINALLY back!