Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gear Review: ROBLOX World Tour Lightning Guitar

ROBLOX World Tour Lightning Guitar

ROBLOX World Tour Lightning Guitar

Mesh/Texture: 10/10
No doubt, this guitar looks epic. It has the mesh of a classic-looking guitar with a simple base painted black with the rest of it made of wood and 6 strings extending to the top. It has all the features a real guitar would have, and I appreciate the detail. There's a pretty cool design on the base. The word BLOXCON is scrawled out at the top in red-outlined letters. A globe with the ROBLOX logo covering it is in the center with 2013 under it, and there's lightning circling the design adding to the "lightning" in the guitar's name. The black paint on the base on the guitar is shiny, making it look fancier and less dull than it would've been plain.

In-game: 8/10
This guitar plays sort of like Guitar Hero. When you equip it, you're given a set of keyboard letters to hit. When you hit the first key, a line goes down a strip of other letters. If you miss any of them, the guitar does nothing and you have to start over. If you hit them all correctly, the guitar players an awesome solo in an explosion of lightning that strikes any player near you. The only thing that should be fixed is the speed the keys need to be played. ROBLOX is mostly little kids, and they probably can't play as fast as the guitar requires. But overall, it's a cool gear.

Price: 5/10
You'd think that because of the Captain Bluesteel incident, roblox would learn not to blatently tell people that an item is going limited when it goes offsale. But no, they did it again with this guitar. It had the same price as Captain Bluesteel, 500 robux, and sold for a slightly shorter amount of time. It went offsale a few minutes before I submitted this review, and has 3,106 sales, a very high amount, but less than Captain Bluesteel by a lot. Its current price is 650 robux, a failing price, and still dropping. ROBLOX needs to stop letting people know if an item is going to be limited or not. If you TELL people it's going to be limited, thousands of people will but it and it will fail like Captain Bluesteel and this guitar both did.

Overall: 8/10
Despite the fail pricing, the guitar looks rockin' on your avatar and is a cool gear to use in-game. I wouldn't suggest it for investment purposes, but as a gear it's excellent.