Monday, December 30, 2013

The Inevitable Divide

Great to see you all again.
The Inevitable Divide is now over.

Here's the inevitable return of myself, ItsFutur to ROBLOX News.

In the coming weeks:
  • I will be documenting a new experience in the production of my new philosophical puzzle game, memories.
  • I will continue reviewing games.
  • I will continue off delivering rants and editorials/opinion articles.
In addition to the things I talked about above, I'm also want to acknowledge that I started a variety of new projects. I'm working on the new Averate Community Site, as well as managing my own personal project called 'Me, Everyday' which is a daily documentary vlog about my life.

Oh and yeah! From now on, all my articles will feature that pretty awesome avatar over there to the left that was drawn by the talented Phearo! 

Oh yeah, and my stay is only promised for the six months I promise to 'stay' on ROBLOX here, so hopefully we get a lot out of that.

^ Noah 'ItsFutur' W.