Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hat Review: The Wisest Wizard

Hello, pbjms here. After my long spree of Gift Guessers, Arbirator brutally forced me to write an actual hat review. So, I'm here to review one of my favorite gift prizes so far this year. It is the prize that tought me a very important lesson: When to pass. And that prize is, Gandal- er, The Wisest Wizard.

Oops, wrong picture, sorry.
The Wisest Wizard
There we go.
Okay. Time to recap.

During this year's Giftsplosion, a gift called the Gift of Passage was created. Many users thought it involved buying paid access to a place, others thought it was for buying a gamepass. Turns out, it was for buying a gamepass. So, if you didn't own a gamepass (thus you didn't earn the gift), you were stuck buying it for 100 Robux. It sold for a few days, eventually selling a total of 678 copies. If you think that's really rare, then you don't know just how many people own a gamepass. I'd say well over 200,000 people, seeing as how my alt, pbjms218, got the gift and didn't even own a gamepass at the time. Time-traveling to the future, this gift is opened on December 10th. Inside of it was The Wisest Wizard.

Okay, moving on to the review.

Price: So, this hat was originally 100 Robux, but had many free copies given out. By the look of it, it was definitely worth it if you bought it, and if you got it for free, then you got an extra treat along with whatever gamepass got you this gift. 

Appearance: This hat is the casual wizard hat that you can get from many, many other items. It comes with a bonus though. A nice, long, flowing beard that looks like it's made from cardboard. It's like, completely flat. Although it does make a nice Santa beard, the beard really doesn't really improve the look of this hat, as the wizard hat is actually really nice. 

Overall: 9/10

Thanks for reading!