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Summer Games: Quick Tips

Greetings all! My number one tip to you would be to give up trying to get in the top 20 and do something with your life; I'm just joking of course, your life is already a lost cause, and it is indeed possible to get in the top 20! Who needs sunshine, when you have the Summer Games where you can sit on your computer for an entire day and drink vast quantities of caffeinated drinks?

This Summer; why go to the beach when you can enjoy screaming obscene things at people across the internet?

On a serious note, I hope you are all having fun in the Summer Games. I know they are difficult, but valiant effort is rewarded and exploiters are being dealt with by the Summer Games' creators, server admins employed by developers, and of course the ROBLOX moderation team. It might leave you with a severe case of jaw-drop when I say it is indeed possible to get in the top 20 on the daily leaderboards despite what the community is saying, especially for games which don't just require point hoarding (grinding) and luck, but rather skill and expertise. For each game in the Summer Games official ROBLOX event I will be detailing a number of tips that will help you shoot up the leaderboard and battle for supremacy with the top dogs and no-lifers (like myself). So, get the blood pumping, the adrenaline racing, and the profane language at the ready; it's time to enter the ROBLOX Summer Games.

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Paintball! 2
A personal favourite of mine.
Time to get into top 20: Anything from 6 hours, to 10.
Difficulty rating to get into top 20: You might want a faster internet connection...and a gaming mouse

Paintball 2! Closed Testing_Image

Paintball 2 is the sequel to the most played ROBLOX paintball game of all time and it does not disappoint. It offers a number of improvements including the removal of the unbalanced killstreak system and a gun modification system to heavily customise your loadout on the paintball field to develop your own unique play style.

  • Utilise cover, and do it wisely. Paintballs are one hit KOs (unforgiving), and you really don't want to be caught out in the open for long periods of time. Sprint from cover to cover and strafe whilst you go. 
  • Shoot through the fence barricades that have slits in them that are dotted around the two maps - unload a clip if you need to. This is often a good way of shooting opponents who hide behind them for long periods of time
  • Use the standard receiver class - the rapid fire paired with the generous accuracy makes a deadly combo. I have found that the shotgun and sniper receivers are too slow to challenge the top players on Paintball 2. 
  • If unsure, keep firing. As you upgrade your paintball gun you can equip larger and larger magazines - use them to your advantage and spray oncoming opponents. 
  • Don't stay in one location too long, aka, camp. You will get pinned down easily and will be shot in the back as soon as you try to exit a position such a tower. 
  • You need to get 3 kills in a row to get playerpoints, so bear this in mind before you charge through the paintball fields - a cautionary approach will reap more rewards than running around like a headless chicken
  • Equally, don't become too passive and stay in team controlled areas of the map for too long. To get the kills you need to look for them, not wait for people to come to you. 
  • Don't bother with the objectives - it pains me to say this as I love me a good objective based gamemode, but capturing control points doesn't get you any playerpoints, so these tasks are pointless in the context of the Summer Games. You don't get any extra playerpoints for winning matches either. Until they are implemented for game objectives - I would steer clear of control points, unless of course you are shredding a team grouping together which is attempting to capture one. They make for good target practice.
Deathrun Summer Run
A fun, but frustrating game to play in the context of the Summer Games.
Time to get into top 20: 8 hours+. 
Difficulty rating to get into top 20: May the pushing be with you

Deathrun 2 - Run or Die!_Image
Excellent thumbnail might I say
Summer Deathrun is a modified version of Deathrun 2 with the addition of fireworks and summer themed items littered across the existing maps. The snow has all been removed, obviously. It's fun, frustrating, and can certainly be challenging at times - depending on your opposition. 

  • Stepping on the blue firework pads earns you 3 playerpoints (as of writing - they have been mucking around with this figure) and so currently it is more fruitful to go for the firework playerpoints than actually winning a round of Deathrun
  • By the same token, whilst running head may provide bountiful playerpoints, it may also get you killed very quickly. There will be multiple players trying desperately to get these easy playerpoints and so you may be second to the fireworks - or worse: pushed off into traps and chasms, dying in a horrible way and losing the potential for points. Therefore it depends on whether you want to play it safe near the back and guarantee playerpoints more often, albeit less of them, or whether you want to risk getting as many as you can whilst nearly dying at every corner. Judge your skill wisely. 
  • If you aren't confident at getting ahead, let the faster, more eager players race ahead and (hopefully) set off the traps. You are more likely to get 2 playerpoints every round using this tactic. 
  • Jumping onto a trap (whilst it is not activated) and then quickly jumping back is a good way of tricking the killer into activating it too early. Bear in mind this can go horribly wrong if they anticipate your treachery. 
  • As the killer, do your up-most best not to be fooled by these mimic moves and keep some restraint when activating traps. Don't panic. If there is someone racing off ahead it might be best to use the more powerful  traps on the larger group of runners in order to boost efficiency in killing and then kill the leading player with a later trap. 
  • Killers get 8 playerpoints for winning a round, so it really is worth trying your hardest to succeed. 
  • If runners make it to the teleport, press the '=' key to take off your hat(s) as the killer and hide in a dark spot. With any luck they won't find you in time, but try to fool them by moving from hiding spot to hiding spot as they go past your position. 

Ultimate Marble Rider 
Grinding, but in a somewhat more elegant manner (if there is such a thing). One must not forget the 'ultimate in the title', he means it.
Time to get into top 20: Who knows?
Difficulty rating to get into top 20: Marbles, marbles everywhere. 

[Ultimate Marble Rider] [v2.4.2]_Image

Summer Marble Rider is a modified version of Marble Rider and involves ROBLOXians jumping inside large marbles and... you guessed it... riding down a pre-designed track. It's fun for the first ten minutes, but then the truth begins to dawn on you - you have to do it another thousand times in order to get anywhere near the top 20 on the daily leaderboard. NOT a skill-based game, so peasants need not worry. 

  • Whilst there aren't many tips I can give you for this particular game (?), there are some things that might help your chances; getting someone to follow you in a marble straight after you have launched in order for them to give you a boost onto one of the bonus tracks which give you more playerpoints as you travel down it. The danger here of course, is that they may end up launching you and your marble off the track and into the deep abyss that is the Marble Rider ocean and an swift, untimely death. It's up to really as to whether the reward of more playerpoints is worth the risk of constantly getting flung of course and having to start again. 
  • Equally, you may simply just want to wait for a bit of space and a gap between marble launches before you launch your own; this way you can avoid any unnecessary collisions and getting knocked off the track. Even if you don't get knocked off, you still take damage from hitting other player's marbles, so there's that. 
  • Purchasing other marbles from in the in-game shop doesn't really help you at all, but it can make the grinding less excruciating as you can fly down in massive bird head or an inflatable ninja. Some marbles come complete with their own somewhat weird sound effects. 
  • The rest comes down to luck really - and you can't really 'aim' for certain bonus tracks and routes through the course. So, hope for the best. 
  • This Summer Game just requires doing the course over and over again until you get into the top 20, no real skill needed here. 

ROBLOX Hiking 
The epitome of grinding. You think other MMOs are bad at this kind of thing, meet ROBLOX Hiking.  
Time to get into the top 20: Even longer than Marble Rider
Difficulty rating to get into top 20: Hiking up mount Everest without ropes, helmets, ice-picks, or any equipment whatsoever really.

ROBLOX Hiking (Player Points)_Image

ROBLOX Hiking is again, slightly modified to reflect the Summer Games theme, with beach-balls and fireworks dotting the landscape. The game features a number of mini-games which earn you quick playerpoints, and coins that are littered in pre-determined locations across the vast map. Of course, as with ROBLOX logic, doing actual game objectives doesn't get you the most playerpoints. A... different activity gets you more instead. 

  • Complete the minigames that are found in different locations across the map, they are quite self-explanatory. You will receive a number of easy playerpoints and can redo the minigames a number of times before they stop generously handing you playerpoints.
  • Then follow the main path up to around halfway up the centre mountain and you will find people dancing there using one of the /e dance emotions. Before asking any questions, just sit there and do it too and make sure you are touching the pathway bricks. 
  • Now, an explanation; walking up and down the higher levels of pathways gives you in-game experience which is added to the leaderboard in the top-right corner. Using the dance emotion also has the same result, albeit a little slower. The advantage gained by using dancing is that you can do other things whilst (pointlessly) grinding in ROBLOX Hiking to get playerpoints. You can search for your favourite cat videos (or whatever you kids nowadays) and can watch more Miley Cyrus music videos and her making a fool out of herself (although that is not advised either). You can forum, drink tea and eat biscuits, watch a movie, or go out in the sunshine... ok, that's too far. Just as long as you move your ROBLOXian every 20 or so minutes then you will not be disconnected for being idle.
  • If you want to make sure that no mischievous users stop you throwing down the moves on ROBLOX Hiking's hilltop paths, you can buy a grapple hook and lock yourself in place walking against the stairway of one of the paths. This way you are constantly walking into the path - giving you experience and will make it difficult for other players to unhinge you. 
  • The most efficient way of gaining experience would to be purchase the speed coil with some gold and to constantly travel up and down the mid-to-highest part of the Hiking path. It is the quickest method but sadly does require to you to constantly be moving in the game so you cannot be watching Jennifer Lawrence in a movie at the same time. 
  • Do not purchase the hair drier. Blowing people off the path with this deadly device may seem fun at first,  but other players will reciprocate and make your life hell if you go afk whilst farming experience. They may just drop a treehouse on your head because...yes...that gear is in the game. Don't ask me why. It's all fun and games until all the users have hair driers. 
  • You can trade your experience for gold (and playerpoints) in the in-game menu. The best deal is to always trade in when you have 10k experience or over (it gets you the best ratio of playerpoints, currently standing at a whopping 35). 

Call of Robloxia 5
Full of try-hards and quickscoping wannabes. What you would expect from a game imitating a game from the Call of Duty franchise really. Expect high volume of jokes relating to one's mother when entering one of these servers. 
Time to get into the top 20: If Call of Duty leaderboards anything to go by, dozens of hours 
Difficulty rating to get into top 20: Parent's basement

Call of Robloxia 5 - Summer Event Testing_Image

Featuring realistic weapon models, excellent scripting and competent map design; CoR 5 provides an entertaining package that of course comes with the annoyances of FPS gaming and their retrospective communities.

  • There are five ways that you can obtain playerpoints in Call of Robloxia 5: killstreaks, completing game objectives, completing weapon challenges, levelling up, match bonuses, and purchasing new weapons with Reich bux - the in-game currency. Some of these are obviously harder than others. 
  • It is pretty difficult to earn Reich bux when you reach a certain rank as levelling up becomes much slower. Therefore you may have to purchase Reich bux with your much valued Robux, but all you knew that before you entered the game because it has to fund playerpoints somehow... 
  • This Reich bux can be used to purchase weapons which gets you 5 playerpoints per purchase, and upgrades for your weapons such as scopes and bayonets. which will help you get the better of your teenage opponents. 
  • Objectives are key in this game - always aim to capture the control points as they give you 2 playerpoints every time you capture one. If the enemy is capturing a control point and you are nearby - let them complete their capture and then lay waste to them. More playerpoints for you when you re-capture the point. I know it is slightly counter-intuitive to do so and not in the team-spirit, but if you want to play the Game of Leaderboards, you play dirty, or you die.  
  • As with Paintball! 2, using cover is essential because being caught out in the open is not a good look. I'm serious, you will be splattered in blood and your cold corpse will be thrown across the map in no time. The sprint key is your friend, so use it traverse from one building to the next. 
  • If you are accurate with your PC controls and mouse, then a sniper rifle may be the weapon of choice for you. The last sniper rifle in the list to bought in CoR 5 is pretty much one shot kill from the waist up and a guaranteed way to snap up those playerpoints. Although these weapons are slightly distasteful and quite unbalanced (machine guns are comparatively far less lethal requiring an unrealistic amount of hits to kill an opponent) they are the best means of obtaining kills from across the map and swiftly earning those much needed playerpoints. 
  • Other long range weapons include the rifle class with guns such as the MonDragon - a swift, powerful killer.
  • Aim for higher killstreaks than three - they only give you one playerpoint. As your killstreak increases, so does the playerpoint multiplier. Keep killing. Keep earning. 
  • Over-powered killstreaks such as throwing knives can do you a world of good when used correctly (and a word of pain when not). They can help speed up the process of racking up the kills and the subsequent playerpoint rewards. 

So there we have it. Tips for each game within the ROBLOX Summer Games 2014. With any luck you should be able to get into the top 20 daily players on each of these games. Remember they reward 20 hats to new winners everyday so they will continue to go down the leaderboard beyond the top 20 until they find users who have not yet received the Adurite hats. These tips should at least allow you to get the top 10k weekly prize with absolute ease. 

Good luck and try not to end up like a certain angry German kid. 

If you have any comments or suggestions to improve this guide, please do not hesitate to leave them in the DISQUS comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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