Saturday, July 12, 2014

Game Review: Jaws 2014

Hello there fellow readers! 

Robloxer032* here, bringing you a Game Review for a game that has been in the front page for a while, Jaws 2014! Now some of you may remember another 'Jaws' game being popular a few years back but, according to the creator, this is not that game. Why? Because there was a MAJOR UPDATE. Or at least that's what he says. Let's go check it out, shall we?

Let's start with the lobby. It's a box. 

That's it. There's nothing interesting about the lobby whatsoever, it's just a box made for you to spawn in and then create or join a boat. 

Talking about that, the join boat system is the same as it ever was, you type in the username of the user whose boat you want to join. I've always thought that this system would be better off replaced by a list of the users who have active boats, clicking on their name to enter their boat. Now, the Create a Boat menu... It's nothing special, it shows you which boats you can spawn, along with their price. Supposedly you earn money when winning a round, which you can then use to buy said boats. But given you start with $20, (which is enough to buy any boat) this self-reward system is useless.

Now, let's talk about gameplay.
The gameplay is not too different from the older Jaws game. Actually, it's exactly the same thing. 
1. Spawn a boat.
2. Try not to get killed while landing hits on Jaws.
3. Kill Jaws.

But how do you do that? Well, with the Luger in your backpack. The only problem with it is that it fires about 5 bullets and then you have to reload. Did I mention the bullets barely even damage Jaws? This takes away a lot of the action, because it slows down the process of killing the shark considerably, and it starts to get boring. 

You also get a flashlight, which is there for no reason given there's no fog or darkness to block your vision. A timer was also included, but it isn't really useful. At first I thought that if Jaws wasn't killed before the timer ended, everyone loses. Turns out that if you survive the entire round, even if Jaws doesn't die, you win. Wasn't the purpose of this game to kill Jaws? What's the point of giving you a gun if you're going to be escaping the whole time?

What's next? Ah yes, the boats. As I said before, the Create a Boat menu isn't too intuitive, and they're all basically free, considering you already have enough money for any of them. There's only one problem with the boats, and it is that they break. A LOT. In most of the servers I visited the only boats that you could spawn were the first two, which were also copied and pasted from the original Jaws game. There's also a helicopter, but it bugs as soon as it's spawned and flings you away. This results in a multitude of helicopters hovering above the map with no one to drive them.


Building: 5/10
The only thing that looks well built are the boats, most of which don't even work.

Scripting: 2/10
The GUIs are extremely basic, and the only actual script is used in Jaws, which is also a copy-and-paste from the original Jaws game.

Replay Value: 1/10
It's overall boring, the rounds take a lot of time to end and Jaws is basically unkillable.

Overall Score: 2.6/10
No effort in building anything interesting, copied-and-pasted scripting and boredom in every round, Jaws 2014 is a shameless copy of the original and a really monotone one, for that matter.

Written by Robloxer032.

*For anyone that doesn't recognize me, I used to work for Roblox News before, but for some reason my Roblox just stopped working and I couldn't review games anymore. However, I got it working again and I can finally review places again!