Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Top 10 hats: Shades!

This is a new series I'm trying out. It's where I have a list of 10 items all pertaining to a certain category. I chose the best of them and put them in order, worst to best.

This time, I'm reviewing Shades. The best looking, the best priced, the most iconic. Read on!

Shades = Cool

1. Clockworks
2. Midnight Shades
3. Interns
4. Green Flash
5. Ice Cold Stunans
6. W. Inc
7. Hollywood Shutter
8. Gold Flash
9. 8-bit Sunglasses
10. Midnight Shades

10. Lightning RayGoods
Lightning RayGoods
There are close to none of these shades, making it extremely rare. They look pretty good, but the rarity is what earns them a rank.

8-Bit Sunglasses
Most people like this, again, for its looks and price. It was a great item in the Video Game sale. They fit with just about everything, as well and look great in hat combinations.

Gold Flash Shades
These are great because they came out of an easy gift. You only needed to sell one game pass. Aside from that, gold is an awesome touch to this texture. Cheap, stylish, and easy.

Hollywood Shutter Shades
This has glam all over it. It was another gift, and is a great with the Muscle Man Package, and a great Shaggy. Fabulous.

W Inc. Designer Sunglasses
Not so cheap anymore. This hat is great because it not only looks good, but it is iconic and a symbol of wealth.

Ice Cold Stunnas
Yet another great gift item. I know Arbirator likes these, and with good reason. Great, glam, and cheap.

Green Flash Shades
Classic. With the same mesh as W. Inc Designer Sunglasses and Gold Flash shades, we know these are poppin'. An extremely high price for these, too. An icon of wealth.

 Classicx89's Stylin' Intern Shades
Another icon. Extremely expensive at 90,000 robux, we know who's rich when they wear this. Avaitors are always in style.

Midnight Shades
This is great because of all its sales. They are normal, but tons of people buy them for their relatively low price. The solid black is perfect for all occasions of too much sun. Swag.
Clockwork's Shades
Everyone knows these. Not as expensive as interns, but great looking. It commerated Clockwork's time here as an intern. Expensive and iconic. A classic.

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I think I'll do more of these. Next I'll do a list on fedoras, then top hats.