Monday, July 7, 2014

ROBLOX 4th of July Sale 2014 Recap

ROBLOX 4th of July 2014 Recap

     Hey guys! TheInnovative here with a review of the 2014 ROBLOX 4th of July sale!
I'll be giving a short review of all the new Hats and Gears that were a part of the sale.

CotM: July Independent Chicken
      This month's CotM is (obviously) Independence Day themed and created by me, TheInnovative. This CotM was 700 robux and was on a 24 hour timer! If you would like to read an interview explaining more on it, go here

Bald Eagle American Pirate
     Bald Eagle American Pirate is a neat retexture and is pretty much described in the hat's name. It's a Bald Eagle Pirate with some American pride. It's very nicely made and is a neat shoulder pet! It is currently off-sale and wouldn't do bad if it were to go limited in the future.

Bald Eagle Uncle Sam

     Bald Eagle Uncle Sam is just as a straight forward hat as Bald Eagle American Pirate. It's a neat looking Bald Eagle with a patriotic Uncle Sam's top hat. This hat is onsale for 150 robux and is a nice hat for an Independence Day Look. He wants YOU to join the US Army! Or buy him as a hat either one works I guess...

Wings of Freedom

     This retexture screams 'MURICA! Also it makes you a pretty fairy! This hat is 776 robux, but it's not bad considering wings are usually around this price. These wings have stars, stripes, and...
(Freedom Counter: 1)

Patriot Locator Top Hat
     I spy with my little sign, a patriot! This retexture is pretty basic and is an addition to the Locator Top Hat series. It is a Limited U but failed do to it's 1000 stock. It along with the rest of the Locator hats are selling pretty much below its original price.

Coolbraham Lincoln
     This hat is so cool you just need shutter shades to go with it. Oh perfect! It's so cool it already comes with them! Coolbraham Lincoln is a simple Abraham Lincoln top hat (which is so simple it goes with anything!) and beard along with some cool shutter shades! The shades are a reused mesh of the other shutter shades on ROBLOX. It is a Limited U and profited very well!

Uncle Doge
     Why? So tired. Many stop. Wow. There are just too many doge hats on ROBLOX now, and doge is getting really old. I don't even know how it profited. 'Nuff said.

'Merica Yeah!
     Aww yea! Murica! Woo! Rednecks! Bald Eagles! Fireworks! Explosions! FREEDOM! (Freedom Counter: 2) Yea this hat is like every basic 10 tix cap. It's something you would never wear but buy anyway.

American Commando Jr.
     This neat little hood is the perfect hood for any little kid that wants to be a commando when they grow up! But not just any commando, one with FREEDOM! (Freedom Counter: 3)  This hat is a nice 250 robux and is a cool hood for any Independence Day outfit! 

The Admiral's Cape
     This awesome cape is my personal favorite hat this sale! It's 1,000 robux and has a unique vintage look to it. If you wanna read more about it and it's creator, IBarrageI, go here!

All American Roped
     Now moving on to gears, this awesome firework-powered roped is decorated with FREEDOM! (Freedom Counter: 4)  This roped is pretty similar to the rest with the only difference being aesthetics.

Patriot's Monster Truck
     The Patriot's Monster Truck is a controllable little toy car that you can drive around! Just like the All American Roped, it's only difference from other Monster Truck gears is the aesthetics. 

Bundle of Fireworks

     These fireworks are really cool looking! They give off a nice glow effect and, of course, are red, white, and blue - they utilize dynamic lighting too! They are affordable too! Only 150 robux and the perfect firework gear for any explosive occasion of FREEDOM! (Freedom Counter: 5) 

The United Staff of America

     This is probably my favorite gear for this sale. It summons an eagle, swoops down at the nearest player, and flies them away dropping them with 20 damage from falling. Pretty intense. It is definitely worth the money if you bought it. Did I mention the eagle gives you a sense of protection and...


(Freedom Counter: 6)