Sunday, July 6, 2014

Roblox Comparison: 2006 vs. 2014

Left is a 2006 BrickBattle, right is Daxter33's Paintball 2.
I often here when I'm in a game 'Oh yeah the I miss the old roblox' or 'roblox was so much better in 08' and text alike that. However the majority of the people who say that are actually from 2012. Back to the point, was it really better? I think I should go into depth and convince people that they should really look at the differences between now and then before judging ROBLOX like that.

Do you seriously believe that 2006 was better than 2014? Or are you just trying to be cool by making people know you are from the "good" 'ol days. There are a variety of reasons as to why 2014 is much, much better. I am going to list out a few of them below.

  1. In 2014, the population of ROBLOX is huge, millions of players, and quite a large percentage of these players are friendly, however, many are not; also, a lot of this population do not contribute good, original games to the community.
  2. The graphics in 2014 are much better, we have ambient corner shadows, along with dynamic lighting and shadows; and now with our new reflection and physics engine all our games look great while running at peak efficiency.
  3. In 2014, many things that you can add to your game are pre-made by the ROBLOX staff, such as terrain, water, weapons, etc.
  4. Games in this year are much higher quality, using camera cutscenes and special effects to make their games a reality, along with the sounds users make for their games.
  5. You can now cash out ROBUX for real money, this brings alive the concept of earning real money from your online creations.
There are much more reasons I could add, however I would probably completely lag your page up and you wouldn't be able to view it again!

There are many pros about 2014, however there are a few pros of 2006 also:

  1. The population was a lot less than it is now, and most of the population in 2006 were teenagers or young adults, making them much more mature and friendly than nowadays. 
  2. The demand for top-quality games wasn't as high as it is now, so many people didn't have to spend months on one game.
  3. The economy was a lot more simple back in 2006, with it being pretty easy to whip up a lot of ROBUX, because ROBUX was worth a lot more. Pretty much like a real currency, British pound was worth much more in the 60s than it is in the 00s.
In my personal opinion, I would say that 2014 is better. The graphics that 2014 endorses is that of an internet phenomenon, and I am proud to say I was a part of this website when it was still growing.