Saturday, July 26, 2014

Place review: Prison Life v.03

Hello readers, xLando here reviewing a game, not ready for the front page.

Warning: I will be entering biased against this game, it does have some pros, such as having a mediocre map, and decent graphics.

Note: Prison Life, a quick front-pager, is not a game I would regularly review and play; barely deserves to be on the front page.

So, let me start off by saying: the idea for a functional prison (without a group, etc) is almost now obsolete, being that it  has been done hundreds of times, from escape the ROBLOX prison, to this one!

This is just an example of the chain of prison games going on, and on, and on.

First of all, this game permits anyone the possibility to be a guard, allowing for an insane amount of abuse, and unfair judgement. Guards tend to hide in  the armory, and stay there for the entire game, leaving the prisoners with nothing to do. Some guards are also clueless, or idiotic, as they keep shooting prisoners, and giving prisoners ridiculous accusations, such as he stole my spot... etc.

On a second note, the game has little to no originality, the same idea for all prison games. There is two teams, prisoners, and guards/cops. The guards, keep the prisoners in line, making sure no shady/secretive activity is held by the prisoners. The prisoners, have to revolt against the guards, and escape successfully.
Now, however well they try to make it different, it is always see-through, and the same. Prisoners Vs. Guards, same old, same old.

One of the biggest reasons I hold a grudge with this game, is that not only does this game think no one will notice it's fake advertising a game that's not really as it seems (see lower paragraph),  and that no one will notice the fact that it is, generally not a good game. Okay, so, the game has decent map building, and it is interesting that you can pick up items lying on the ground, but the game looks like the creator thinks he is so original, and a great game maker. One word can describe this game's creator - arrogance. The creator is oblivious to the fact that his game is horrible, the game play is worse than some non-aesthetically pleasing games. The map is small, VERY small, and leaves no exploration at all. For crying out loud, the prison control center is right next to the workshop were prisoners can go freely.

My final issue with the game (and, there are more) is that it is a game that got to the front page, and with it's thumbnails that wrongfully advertise an entirely different game. It shows gunfights on a street, when the only street is a small path leading out from the prison. It also shows police vehicles, but in the game, there is no mode of transportation, except for walking. This game unfortunately just does not deserve a front page spot.

I have been xLando, and thank you for reading.