Thursday, July 10, 2014

Interview with Summer Games Winners, Part 1

Paintball 2! Closed Testing_ImageWelcome to the first edition to a new five-part series where we interview the top weekly player from each of the official Summer Games. In this particular interview we spoke to TheShaun - an avid player of Paintball! 2 by daxter33. He is currently at the top of the weekly leaderboard for this game, with a total of 18k+ playerpoints - 3k more than second place! Check out his responses below.

Ranked #1 on Paintball! 2's weekly leaderboard
Number of playerpoints earned at the game: 18,000+
Prizes earned: Adurite Paintball! Mask and Adurite Fedora with Black Iron Accent


Q. How long approximately did it take for you to get to 16k total playerpoints weekly on Paintball! 2? 
A. About 4 or 5 days

Adurite Paintball! MaskQ. Which day did you obtain the Adurite Paintball! mask? 
A. 7/8/2014

Q. What was your motivation behind getting into the top 20 daily and #1 on the weekly leaderboard?
A. I was getting whooped at first. I know I am an excellent gamer so I challenged myself to figure out the tactics needed to become one of the best at Paintball 2 just like I did with Daxter33's first Paintball.

Q. Would you say the feeling of accomplishment and the Adurite hats you were given were sufficient rewards for your achievement on these leaderboards?
A. The feeling of accomplishment is all I wanted. I am very simple with style which is why anyone that knows me know I am always wearing my ninja outfit unless at group activities. I actually wish I could give the hat away to someone less fortunate, someone that can't afford hats and puts forth 100% effort into trying to win one.

Q. Would you say it was time worth spent on the Summer Games?
A. Sure. I needed something new to play since I already reached top level in the first Paintball and got good enough at it that it was becoming too easy.

Q. Do you have any tips on how users might improve their skills at Paintball! 2? 
A. Yes. 1- Memorize the map layout and keep it in mind during gameplay. 2- Don't stay out in the open too long. 3- find a vantage point(like high ground) or stay moving and use cover a lot. 4- Watch your enemies tactics and figure out how to counteract them or set traps. 5- Practice learning the amount of drop your shots have over different distances. 6- For Paintball 2 specifically, invest into better barrels as well as the shotgun and sniper. Use the shotgun for the smaller map and the sniper for the larger map. Unless you prefer to "run and gun", then just work on fully upgrading the standard receiver starting with barrels then firerate.

Q. Finally, do you have any tips as to how users can specifically get into the top 20 on the leaderboard for daily playerpoints? 
A. Well, all the tips I mentioned before should help with that, but there is still one factor that might prevent gaining top 20. The elite gamers. If you're in a server with guys like me and the other top 20 of the month and all time then you're going to find it difficult. Until you pick up on how to use the tips I gave efficiently, you might want to try searching for a server with players around your level and then work your way up. Also, I do not mean this as advertisement for my group, but I do use my primary group to teach tactics and strategies for all shooter games. I don't do it to gain members cause they can leave once they have learned what they need to know. I do it to help all players become competition for the elite gamers. I like to see everyone have a fair chance.

Q. Any final thoughts or comments about Paintball! 2 on a whole or suggestions that could be passed onto daxter33? 
If everyone bands together to ask Daxter33 to remove the ability to enter enemy spawn locations then users will stand a much higher chance at competing with those who know all the tricks in the game. I have played with all of the top 20 players and I am the only one that will never enter enemy bases. All the other top 20 players rely on hiding inside enemy bases and quickly popping out to tag everyone the exact moment their temporary invulnerability wears off. That's why in my opinion the other top 20 do not actually deserve their positions due to them using unfair tactics. I earned #1 without ever entering the enemy base, so I hope something can be done to make everyone else abide by sportsmanship as well.

Shaun: Thank you for considering me for an article in your blog and congrats on creating one of the top (if not the top) news outlets for ROBLOX.

Thanks for reading and look out for the next edition to this exclusive five-part series. You won't find these interviews anywhere else! 

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