Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The ROBLOX Summer Games Summary

Lades and gentleman, if the ROBLOX Winter Games didn't make you cry, the ROBLOX Summer Games will... maybe.

I kid about the ROBLOX Summer Games making you cry, but seriously, the Winter Games did just that. They were horrible (in my semi-popular opinion). You can read the official ROBLOX Summer Games blog post here.

There isn't much to go on to describe these Summer Games, but I suppose I will try to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest news (that includes daily winners along with prizes that will be awarded [I get into prizes later in the post]).

General Info

The blog states that the games will take place across multiple (popular) games. I assume there will be no central hub like in the Winter Games. My tip: Choose the game(s) you're best at and play those. For me, my strong suit would be Call of ROBLOXia V (from the list that we were given). I'm not sure how the player points will be distributed, so find out quick and start earning!


There will be prizes, and it seems like a lot of them. The top 20 players of each game will receive a prize specific to that place everyday. At the end of the week, the top 10,000 players on the leaderboards will receive a prize as well. The origins of the weekly prize are undisclosed, but I assume it will be summer themed items. This will happen every week for the duration of the Games. My tip: Go at your own pace. Don't rush into the games thinking "I WILL DOMINATE THE COMPETITION" because most likely, you'll end up flustered.

For more info, visit the blog (link mentioned earlier) and/or check out this video made by ROBLOX to promote said Games.

Until next time (which will be later today [7/02/14] or tomorrow [7/03/14]) enjoy yourselves and happy player point hunting!