Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Look of The Week: Dress Up as an Animal

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't had a Look of The Week in a while, but I have been thinking about what to do with it next. So here is my idea:

The First Themed Look of The Week event! This is where I have to give you a theme, and if the person wins, they will get a small reward! The theme is: 'Dress as an animal of your choice!'

You can only enter ONCE, so give it your best shot!

I will be awarding first place on one of my games (I will tell you the name when it's finished)
There will be no second and third place, sorry!

The winner will receive a small prize of 100 Robux.

There has to be a minimum of 4 participants for this competition to work. I am going to give you a week to enter, so good luck!


P.S. If you have won before, or entered before, you can still enter again!