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Game Review: Aduro World ThemePark

Aduro World ThemePark     

     By 1wolf1person

As beautiful as it is flawlessly scripted, Aduro World earns every single one of it's 52,272 visits, 597 thumbs up, and 2,797 favorites. This theme park is very resource intensive and I was getting minor client side lag on a video setting of 10.

     As the popularity of theme park's rises, this one stands out to me. For one? No paid access. Yep, you heard me. This game isn't even out of beta and entry is free. The owner plans to have 7-9 rides in the end, and the park already has 5. Invisible walls keep you on the paths, unlike other theme parks I've seen. At being 55% (per the description) it's very playable. It doesn't let you jump off of the roller coasters until they are completely done, along with a POV camera, shift to sprint, and easy to follow signs that lead the way to the rides (all of which are denoted with bigger signs saying the ride's name).

I don't think there's too much more to say here, so let's get to the rating.

  Building: 9/10
Not perfect, but definitely excellent. I'm sure I would raise this to at least a 9.5 once the park is complete. Then again, like I said, you can pay all of the attention to detail you want, but a 10 is hard to hit. It has some wonderful C-Frame, and the invisible walls keep anxious players in check. 
None of the rides are really far away from each other, there are some nice lakes, and the roller coaster tracks/cars look nice too. The Project Zephyr ride features cool lighting effects, but at a point they seem to last too long. Oh, and when it turns to night time? Amazing dynamic lighting usage.

  Scripting: 9.5/10
The scripts have no bugs, which is hard to say about most in-progress games. "So why isn't it a 10?" I hear you ask. There's more scripting that can be added, like the clock they have as a WIP. The sprint with shift works flawlessly and is a great addition. The POV cam works with no bugs, allowing you to get a perfect camera angle throughout the rides (which have amazing changes in speed).The GUIs are pleasant to the eye and don't obstruct anything.

  Overall: 9/10
Definitely an awesome game that you should go check out, thumbs up, and favorite when you have a chance, I personally can't wait until it's finished.

Aduro World ThemePark (Place)
1wolf1person (Owner)

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