Friday, July 25, 2014

Interview with Summer Games Winners, Part 3

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Welcome to the third article in our five-part series where we interview top players from each of the ROBLOX Summer Games. In this particular interview I caught up with OneWithEvil, a top daily player at ROBLOX Hiking and we discussed his feelings on the event and tips for users attempting to get the much-valued Player Points. He had a daily score of 3,987 Player Points and held first place for daily score on Thursday. Check out his responses to the questions below. 

Ranked #1 on ROBLOX Hiking's daily leaderboard (Thursday)
Number of playerpoints earned at the game: 3,987
Prizes earned: Adurite Paintball Mask and Adurite Shades

Q. How long approximately did it take for you to get to 3470 playerpoints today on ROBLOX Hiking? 
A. It took me approximately one day, but I've been saving up my exp in camping for two days.

Q. Which day did you obtain the Adurite Paintball Mask? 
A. I remember getting it last week or so.

Q. What is your motivation behind getting to second place on the daily leaderboard for ROBLOX Hiking?
A. Haha... Well my friend (which is #1 at the moment) have been competing to see who will end up getting to rank 1 for an while now, but also the visor hat that the game gives.

Q. Would you say it was time worth spent on the Summer Games?
A. Yes, I would say that, but the only thing i didn't really like was the Player Points running out, it made it more difficult to get to top 20 daily, but I guess it takes time and patience.

Q. Do you have any tips on how to obtain large amounts of player points in ROBLOX Hiking?
A. Yes, it all depends on the effort you put in.Try to compete with friends to get you fired up! Try not to get distracted, getting distracted can waste your time and energy.For min games try doing Spike Jump, it gives the most Player Points out of all. Walking on paths gives you EXP. Higher paths gives more EXP.
You can trade out EXP for gold with also gives Player Points( depending by the one you select) by clicking "Get Gold." NEVER trade EXP for gold if you want Player Points without checking the server amount located by the spawns.

Q. What are your final thoughts on the ROBLOX Summer Games 2014?
A. I loved how ROBLOX encouraged us to get Player Points by giving out weeklys! I loved how ROBLOX added hats for top 20s! I loved how ROBLOX used their new feature in the Summer Games.
Basically, I pretty much loved everything. I also hope that ROBLOX continues to use Player Points in events.

Thanks for reading and look out for part-four in this Summer Games exclusive series!

Editor-in-chief of Roblox News