Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sale Review: Swingin' Hats!

Hello, readers, RayMan36 here with a reason to start swingin'. I'm talking about the series of hats that were released over Saturday and Sunday- pre-war swag. I myself am a huge fan of pre-war culture, so let's start Stompin' at the Savoy! Remember, these items will be from worst to best.

All Hail to the King of Swing!

Shiny Black Top hat
This is just plain bad. It's mesh is really disproportional, plus the texture is just a little weird. I'd probably pay around 250 robux for a top hat, and $1000 really isn't worth it.

Triple Striped Boater
Sure, an okay hat, but the mesh is really bad. The edges look like an octagon, and who would put orange, tan, and purple together? It's still pretty cheap at 95 robux, but it just looks bad.

5. Gumshoe
This is a pretty realistic hat of the workers in the 1940s. They wore big fedoras that weren't meant to be stylish, but to keep the sun out of their eyes. The mesh looks like it's been made out of play-doh, however, with no detail whatsoever. Let's throw some brown on it. Let's put some more brown. Just a flat-looking hat.

Red Cloche with Curls
Another realistic hat. many ladies back in the day wore this, and it looks great on a female avatar. Also, 150 robux isn't bad. still, the curls looks like brown hockey pucks, and the rose a mini car hubcap.

Classic Brown Bowler
It's great. It's got class. It's classy. It's one of class. It's classic. Being classic could also be the problem. Unfortunately, most bowlers make it look like you're wearing a brown watermelon, and this hat is just too classic. There's a number of bowlers and brown bowlers on the catalog, so really it's just like a laid off worker in the great depression. But $175 is a good price for a pretty good bowler.

Classic Men's Hat
This is a pretty good looking hat. besides the ribbon being way too big, the argyle stripe adds a nice touch. Gray is a great color for this fedora, and it's bigger than most, like a regular fedora. however, it is a little pricy, and on a character it looks a bit flat. But a great fedora in all.

Riveting Roblox
I like this because it's a great representation of the classic image of riveting rosie, telling women to join the effort in WWII. The price tag of $100 is also pretty cheap, and the hat all around looks pretty good.

In conclusion, not a great sale. But there were some great hats that will stand as a reminder to history (and class).

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