Saturday, November 9, 2013

ConnorVIII and his collection of Games

Tron's Laser Training_ImageHey guys, decided to do this article about a Robloxian I met not that long ago, maybe a month ago, maybe shorter. I went to his game, Tron 3: Fight For The Grid thinking about doing a article on it. That was back when it had roughly 200 visits, I think. It was nothing I expected, it was made out of Asphalt blocks from the 'High Scability' section when on a Personal Server. Before I wrote the article, I gave him some tips on the game-passes and a few other things. Tron 3 now has nearly 50,000 visits, which is quite fast considering most people's games.

Temple Run 2 : Retake The Idol -NEW COINS- 6K_ImagWhen I first met Connor, I saw he already had a game called Temple Run 2: Retake The Idol and on his blurb he stated that you may know him from Temple Run 2, which has obviously now changed. It had roughly 10k visits when I saw it for the first time, now it has nearly 14,500 visits. I haven't played the game myself, although I highly doubt it is bad, taking in to account his other games.

Empty Save Slot_ImageThe third game he made was a step up from Tron 3, as it was actual maps not bricks. It's called Simple Sword Bloxing and with a large 20,800+ visits, it isn't his lowest. I did test out this place and was amazed by the skill he had put in for some of the maps. It is fun to play, and easy to fight. You fight in a constant 'Free For All' although  you could team if you chose to. Again, he sold game-passes and the 'Chat-Voice' Game-Pass has nearly 600 buys, 50Rs each!

Recently Connor made a game called Roblox Paintball which is definitely the most popular one, bordering on 48,000 visits, which isn't far from Tron 3. As I am writing this, Roblox Paintball has roughly 60 people playing, unlike Tron 3 which is less popular now-a-days with 3 or 4 people in-game. It is set as 2 separate teams (Red and Blue) fight against each other with guns that need no reloading, but can get overheated. The game is great, easy to fight and super cool, it has hidden passages and towers, and all kinds of guns.

Connor's last game is on a platform higher than the others. Evil Bloxikins is the Bloxikin hats with  larger meshes, and are evil. You roam the hills killing them as they attack, unlocking better guns. It is quite simple but with the Bloxikins added it is complex as well as simplistic. I enjoy Evil Bloxikins a huge amount, as it is constant fighting, using guns and running back and forth killing as many as possible.

I know I haven't written masses for each game, but they are brief descriptions so you can check them out but not have to search through huge paragraphs to find the links. Watch out though, Connor has a new game coming out soon with Zombies and more!

ConnorVIII is a great guy, he is friendly and generous and popular. To see his profile just go to the link below.

To go to to ConnorVIII's profile, Click Here.

Thanks guys, I hope you try out his games :D Also, as you probably know, I always put a link at the bottom with my Robloxian name. As of late, I have changed my name from Bennyhill44 to Prolixen.