Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Game Re-Review: Sword Fighting Tournament

Sword Fighting Tournament_Image
One of the many thumbnails for the game
     Hello people, I know I haven't written a lot of posts recently but I've been bogged down with homework. I decided to get together some time and write a re-review for Sword Fighting TournamentThe first review for this game was written two years ago, and I feel that it has gone through insane changes since. The game, made by TheGamer101, has over 22 million visits, and seven gamepasses. The game features many, many different swords. You start off with a basic linked sword, and through gathering round wins and points can buy upgrades and better swords. To the gameplay.

     As the title, suggests, "Sword Fighting Tournament", the game tends towards fighting in tournaments. Before each tournament begins, you are given a GUI that allows you to challenge someone. Should they accept your challenge, they will be automatically pitted against you in the first round of the tournament. In normal tournament fashion, winners advance, losers are out. You get one win for each round that you win, and points for each round you win. If you win the whole tournament, you get extra points. Every now and then, there will be a bonus round. These could consist of a juggernaut round, a team deathmatch round, a king of the hill round, tag-team round, along with many, many others. All of this takes place on one of many, many, maps. These include the normal map, The Pit, The Graveyard, Snowfall, Jungle, Wasteland, Park, Conveyor, Warehouse, and the list goes on. Technically, TheGamer101 made almost none of these maps, all were input by others.

     The shop is filled with any sword you could possibly want. The eye-appeasing GUI is set up in an easy to understand way. To the left of the image, you can see the menu GUI from which you can navigate to the shop menu, profiles menu, the results of the ongoing tournament, your current dueling status (watching, spectating, dueling), donate, and teleport to practice. To be able to buy a sword, you must be able to satisfy two conditions: your wins have to be high enough, and you obviously must have sufficient points. You can access the gamepasses from this menu as well as the upgrades tab.

           The Actual Review:
Well, there's really not anything more to say, it's a pretty simple concept.
Profiles GUI
Scripting: 9.5/10
  Would be a 10, but the hint messages lower it. Many times, when there is a message across the top, it won't be correct.
Building: 8.5/10
  While the building is excellent, the fact that most isn't built by the creator lowers the score.
Overall: 9/10
  A very good game overall, I personally play it lots. I definitely suggest you give it a try.

That wraps it up. Input, suggestions, want to message me one of those nyan cats made out of Unicode text that you copy pasted from the internet? Feel free to PM me.

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