Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nitro's Gaming Bits: November 26

Nitro's Gaming Bits is a new series in which due to a lack of time and motivation, will be going over small tid-bits from updates, new games, and other types of ROBLOX game-related media.

- Famous for the popular Roblox RPG series Rangescape, RangeMeludE has finally come back, thought it is unknown if he is here for yet another temporary stay for maybe a month, or back for a long time. To celebrate, he is adding a boss named "Thunderclaw" to The Lord of Range's Cape which should be arriving sometime today.

- Asimo3089, well-known for his award winning places like The Wind and RoadRunner Canyon has released another recently, going by the name of Equinox Station which features an interesting gimmick involving place teleportation, instead of simply stepping into a teleporter, you can get into the train and it will actually take off and teleport you to wherever the train stops. If anything, I recommend you look at it if only for the building.

- Wobbly brickbattle, a place recently featured on Roblox News has been updated with a good amount of new content since the post was made, with the map expanded to a pretty good size from what it once was. The Roblox Battle weapons have also been added, along with a few other things I cannot spoil, play it here.

Even if this post is a bit short, I promise the next will be longer.. whenever that is. Again, I thank you for reading and have a good day!