Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gear Overview: Bright Friday Weekend

Hello! Pbjms here. After my long absence from the site, I have gotten a new laptop with a working keyboard. So yeah, I'm  back. So, It's time to continue writing my Gear Friday Overviews, seeing as how there was finally a few gears made - I mean, It's a sale, so there had to be.. right? Only two gears are out so it's not a full gear Friday, but it's better than nothing. The gears are the Light Face Melting Guitar, published on Friday night, and Sword of the Bright Knight, published Sunday afternoon.

 Image Courtesy of ROBLOX

Yes, I know, by now you've probably skipped the above paragraph and are saying "But there was already an overview of the sale!" This is just focused on the gears, and there was no notification focused on the gears, so, I'm using that. Anyway, time for the review. 

Light Face Melting Guitar
Light Face Melting Guitar
That heavenly sound that will bring the house (and people's faces) down.
I have absolutely no idea what the point of this is, seeing as how there already is a Face Melting Guitar. This one, unlike the other, is limited. It was 300 R$, which is a bit less than the original, and raised to about 900 R$. I mean, that's some nice profit there, but it would ultimately be a waste of money to buy, seeing as how there is already a face melting guitar.. and it does the same exact thing. (Price: 8.5/10) 
It's ability is, well, the same as the other guitar. You change the pitch of the sound, and notes using the different keys that are on a GUI placed on the side of your screen. Much like the other guitar, after spamming some keys and making a nonsense of sounds, anybody around you will have their face slowly lower ("melt off"). It's really useless, and for the price of 300 R$ +, it's not worth it. (Ability: 5/10) 
Time to get down to the only thing good about this guitar - the appearance. It's mesh is the same exact thing as the other guitar, but it looks like a nice electric guitar. It's body is white with blue lightning bolt things, and has a long brown neck like most guitars do. It's pretty nice, though. I mean, I wouldn't play it, but if I knew how I would (and melting off the faces of my enemies would be great). (Appearance: 9/10)
Overall:  7.5/10

Sword of the Bright Knight
Sword of the Bright Knight
For the strong, for the weak, for justice! This sword has multiple attack modes and does 20 damage points per lunge.
So, this sword is just pretty much another sword that has no special ability, isn't limited, and has practically zero demand. It's priced at 500 R$, which is an alright price, I guess. It really should be less, though, as it is absolutely nothing special. All it does is... well, I'll get to that in a second. (Price: 7.5/10) 
As I said directly above, this does nothing special. It has three different attacks, a normal swing, a spin attack, and a jump attack. Each has no bonus effect, really. They all do about 20% damage. It's pretty stupid and useless, really, as there are TONS of other gears to buy instead of this, if you're only looking for ability, of course. (Ability: 7/10) 
The appearance is the only good part about this gear. It has a shiny blade, with a shiny handle that has black stripes on it. There is a blue gem toward the center, which really looks nice combined with the whole "Bright" themed. If it wasn't for the awful price and terrible ability, this sword would actually be pretty decent. (Appearance: 9/10)
Overall:  8/10

Overall: 7.75/10

The gears weren't that bad, but they weren't good either. Oh well, ROBLOX made up with it with some really nice hats like the shaggy, squid, and kleos helmet.