Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review: Darkness by loleris

I unfortunately cannot remember the last time I have done a review due to being too lazy to go back through logs and look so I'll just start from here; with the BLOXTober gifts finally over and all of the halloween craziness dying down, it's time to start focusing on reviews, spotlights, and other things. So why not start with loleris' game, Darkness?

Since I have neglected to do this in the past, I now decree to start covering game passes aswell, so that's great, right?


Darkness at it's core is another game similar to the Source mod The Hidden but that's beside the point. There are two types of people, the Beast, and the Survivors. Goal of the survivors is to well.. kill the Beast. But it obviously has to be interesting, so hence the name of the game, darkness is to be avoided. The Survivors are armed with a pistol and flashlight, which will illuminate a small area of the dark map. Our friend the Beast on the other hand, has the whole map as it's oyster, as long as it stays out of the light and keeps it's energy in check.

Yes, the "Beast" has some weaknesses, as in you want to stay away from pretty much all dark areas since it is completely invisible in those, and stay wherever has a good amount of light since it's transparent in light which makes it an opportune time to shoot it. Not to mention it also has to keep consistently killing players to restore energy, because if energy runs out, it's game over.

Besides that, there are pick-ups around the map, such as a shotgun and desert eagle to do extra damage to the Beast. Medic kits to restore health, etc. The only "interesting" sort of thing is a night-vision charge, allows you have the very short ability to use night vision, which lights up the area you're around, letting you see the Beast more easier.

Game passes
Game passes aren't too abundant for this but we'll look at them nonetheless;


For a somewhat hefty price of 200 R$ this allows you a x2 chance of becoming the beast over a player that doesn't have this, really only good if you're desperate to play the beast.

I see you

This gives you 33% more to the already short night vision goggles capacity, I'm not going to bother with going into specifics but I think 60 R$ is just a bit much for this.

I know you

400 R$ gets you to ability to see player's names and their position through walls as the beast, obviously it's not going to be cheap so unless you really are bad at playing the beast and have some spare change, get this.

You can hide

Probably the most useful/reasonable one out of the few, for 10 R$ as the beast you can see some of the more secret passages and less visible parts of the map, making it easier to find players.

So.. yeah. As far as game passes are concerned there they are, buy them if you want because I won't, and have fun, I guess..?


The map is simply built, but has some interactive points like openable/closable doors, vents, and some other secret points of the map. I haven't exactly explored it much but there is only one map in the game.


It's another "The Hidden" ROBLOX de-make, okay. A good one, but still.


To wrap things up, Darkness is a sort-of cousin to Possession, and The Stalker. I would go as far as to say it is better than them, but only because it is the only of the three I could get into. Loleris has created an interesting concept, which I think could be expanded upon with more map variety and a more atmospheric experience, it's a start I suppose.

If I can find more motivation to do a big review, I may attempt to go over Base Wars this time in a more professional matter since it's improved, but only time will tell. Before I do head out though, I would recommend you check out Narutoworl's recently released Bioshock: Infinite de-make here.

But that's it for now, sayonara and I hope to see you all here next time for my next review!