Friday, November 15, 2013

The Witching Hour Prizes: Overview

With the closing of The Witching Hour, there are obviously prizes as we are aware now. Without further ado, let's get on with it;

Halloween Checkered Bow Tie (1 Bloxikin)

Exactly as it says, this nicely done bow tie was given to anyone who collected at least one bloxikin in the game. A great prize for minimal effort in the Witching Hour, making the process of performing just a few quests a rewarding one.

Spookoween Hat (5 Bloxikins)

This.. slightly worse quality than the bow tie hat was rewarded to those who got 5 bloxikins, hooray? The texture and design is okay, but the mesh is a bit odd. I think it's supposed to be a bowler? I can't quite be sure of this.

Amethyst Vampire Collar (10 Bloxikins)

Purple colored version of the vampire collar works quite well with some of the higher-tiered prizes and other hats. This hat mesh is great as a whole to use in combos with shades and scalp items.

Bat Phones (15 Bloxikins)

A purple recoloured version of the BatPhones created by myself (arbirator). I won't say too much about the design, as I obviously liked it in its final iteration - but its a good gesture by ROBLOX by giving headphones out to BC and non-BC players alike.

Noir Riddling Skull (20 Bloxikins)

Certainly a pleasant surprise to see the Riddling Skull returning, this time back in a "black" noir-ish grey. A great prize for ROBLOXians who played the Witching Hour. The texture is slightly shaded, providing a fresh look on a old classic. It serves as a revival of the Halloweens of old, bringing a little nostalgia back to me. -Sniff sniff-

Purple Pumpkin Inferno (25 Bloxikins)

I never really cared much for the original "Pumpkin Inferno" and it's still the same with this, though I will say the purple flames could make for some interesting hat combinations. Having said that, it features a nice texture and interesting

Cloak of the Living Dead (30 Bloxikins)

An interesting prize certainly, with the first real "cloak" that came out last Saturday this comes along on a Tuesday and I quite like it. It was retextured from the 'Cloak of the Undying' - a ROBLOX gear, so it's interesting that this cloak is a hat item.

Orange Banded Top Hat (31 Bloxikins and Bloxhilda defeated)

Finally, we come to the Orange Banded Top Hat. It's no surprise to most since tophats usually range around 5,000 R$ so this is quite a hefty final prize I'd say. Anyone who spent a long time on the game will be pleased with this prize.

These prizes were truly great this Halloween - players got to keep both their BLOXikins and hat rewards! Considering Sorcus added teleportation to past-visited locations in the Witching Hour - both NBC and BC alike had almost equal chances of collecting all 31 BLOXikins and receiving an awesome Orange Banded Top Hat - a great gesture to the enthusiastic and die hard ROBLOX fans. In that respect, the catalog team have been especially generous in their prize giving this year - let's hope this trend carries on into the Christmas Giftsplosion!

By Arbirator and Nitro357