Monday, November 11, 2013

Spotlight: Wobbly Brickbattle by Maelstronomer

While I myself am surprised that I'm getting another article out this soon, I really couldn't wait to write about this interesting game I stumbled upon. Wobbly Brickbattle may seem like your traditional Brickbattle map, but it quickly becomes apparent that is not the case.

Utilizing the new materials and water, Maelstronomer has shown the potential of what these features can do to enhance the look of a place if given a chance. While building is somewhat simple and in the style of Crossroads the game has some interesting gimmicks to spice things up. But, why is the game called "wobbly brickbattle"? Well, your camera has been modified to wobble around, along with your character. This isn't exactly detrimental to regular gameplay but creates a cool effect.

And yes, before you ask the map is entirely destructible. Well, with the exception of the trampoline. By far the coolest part of the game though is the terrain will sink into the sand at random intervals, and come up good as new. I don't know if these were done by Maelstronomer or ROBLOX, but each of the different materials have different walking sounds, not to mention there's a new jumping sound if you like attention to detail.

As a showcase, the place easily delivers. As a brickbattle slightly less so, but that's just because I dislike the ammo limits on all of the weapons but the sword but that's only temporary from what I've been told. So if you come to this place while a decently sized server is up, you might have a blast perhaps? The map will be expanded in size since even I think it's kind of small right now even if what's there is pretty good. Mainly with elements from the ROBLOX Battle map Raven Rock.

But I digress, if you've never heard of Maelstronomer before I really recommend you check out some of his other work, like the famous Doom Caverns which still remains to this day one of my favorite ROBLOX places. Back on topic though, keep an eye on this place as there may be some big expansions to it soon and I personally can't wait to see what else is done with it.

So what are you waiting for? Go play it, or something.