Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Black Friday User Retextures Revealed!

With Black Friday literally right around the corner (tomorrow morning) it's safe to say most ROBLOXians are saving up their hard earned Robux in order to buy discounted virtual hats, gear and packages over the weekend sale. The most anticipated of all items in the sale are of course the user-retextures that make an appearance every year. This year however, the user-made retexture section of the poll was nowhere to be seen. Instead, BrightEyes hosted a mini-competition in the Retexture Arists Official Channel group in which the best retexture designers on ROBLOX are part of. Previous years, retexturers relied on publicity in the polls to get their item published on Black Friday. The system rewarded those with the most tickets to spend on advertising and did not lend itself to higher quality user-content. This year there's a difference - it's not about who spends the most money; its about who can produce the best design in a time-period.

I believe this higher quality of user-content is already displayed by the winners of the Black Friday retexture contest, and showcase some of the best designs ROBLOX artists have to offer. So without further ado, let us list the four user-retextured items:

King's Knight - By DarkGenex 
King's Knight
Boasting a royal colour scheme of red and light yellow, this retextured helm brings a completely different look to the mesh of that hat compared to the original Alar Knight. The darker areas on the main faceguard part of the helm add extra depth to the design, bringing about realism and excellent aesthetics. The battle-worn effect on the metallic wings adds to the medieval/fantasy aura of the King's Knight making it look authentic on a ROBLOXian's battle-scarred head. The use of this texture on the plume is an interesting choice too. My prediction is that it will be non-limited, between 750R$ and 1000R$

The Korblox Keeper - By godsend

The Korblox Keeper (Brighteyes Took)
Sporting an excellently detailed texture, the Korblox Keeper is a shining example of what the best ROBLOXian retexturers can achieve with a little bit of time. The stained-glass-almost effect on  the main body of the helmet and the horns really adds the overall design. The shading within these parts and the gradual gradient look fantastic alongside the eerie, ice-cold colour scheme. The blue piercing eyes paired with the lighting effects and shine on the front armour piece make a great final addition to godsend's retexture. My prediction is that this item will be limited for a starting price of R$500 and will have one thousand unique owners.

Assassin of the Cold Abyss - By Errorless 
Assassin of the Cold Abyss BRIGHTEYES TOOK!
My personal favourite out of the four user-made retextures this year, the Assassin of the Cold Abyss features an excellent texture, colour scheme and great use of the original mesh. There is of course, some history tied to this hat. If you cast your mind back to April 1st 2012,  you may remember the Hooded Spacelord - one of the renowned 'hacked items' that was sold in a ridiculously small quantity (55) for its price of R$21. The hat's shape and design has become fairly prestigious over the past two-years with this retexture set to reignite the ROBLOXians' interest in the hood. What separates this from the original hat so much is the use of the realistic metal shading and worn effect place on the front breathing apparatus of the mask - it looks fantastic. My prediction is that the item will be limited for a starting price of R$10,000 with between 100-200 in stock.

Plaid Mustache Bandanna - By Mickmack
Plaid Mustache Bandana BRIGHTEYES TOOK
Bringing a less 'serious' looking hat to the table is mickymack who has managed to contact a solid looking design to amuse ROBLOXians. It features an authentic plaid texture and a large thick moustache in front of where the ROBLOXians mouth would be. It sort-of reminds me of cartoons where characters facial features sometimes look like they have been imprinted onto the headgear they are wearing. My prediction is that it will be non-limited and will be priced at R$150 like the other bandannas in the 'series'.

There are of course, plenty of other awesome items to be released in the Black Friday sale - including a number of other (non-user made?) retextures. I won't be revealing those, so I don't spoil the fun! Check the catalog regularly!

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News