Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hat Review: Halloweentime Top Hat

Halloweentime Top Hat
Halloweentime  Top Hat
Mesh/Texture: 10/10
The Halloweentime Top Hat is probably one of the best halloween top hats made this year out of 8 that I counted. The top hat itself is decorated with two different hues of purple going up and down the top of the hat and sideways on the bottom. A bow is tied at the back of the hat, also purple. Instead of having a bland color as a band, the top hat is banded by what looks like a sawed-off part of a pumpkin adding an element never before seen on top hats. As the name would imply, the top hat has an orange[maybe gold] pocket watch glued to the front with a pumpkin face in the center. The time says 3:35, for anyone interested.

Price: 10/10
The price of the top hat was definitely a fair one. The price was a very low 125 robux. Though this is a bit of an above-average price, it is very cheap for a top hat, especially one as good-looking as this one. It's definitely a bargain compared to having to pay 250 robux for the very awful-looking "Creepy Scarecrow" which I covered in a previous article. The top hat is offsale now with 1,728 sales. If you bought the top hat while it was on sale, I'd say you got quite a good deal. It looks good on your character, looks nice in seasons other than Halloween, and was fairly cheap.

Overall: 10/10
One of the best non-bloxikin/gift hats released this October. Unlike many other Halloween items, this looks good any time of the month, not just during the Halloween season. The price was quite cheap, and if you bought it before it went offsale you got a good bargain for such a fancy-looking item. I give this hat a 10/10, and I hope to see more items like it next year.