Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Potential Profit? - W's Top Hat

Potential Profit? - W's Top Hat

     Hello readers! TheInnovative here.... who? I'm catalog analyst chubbs21 who happened to change his username to something more "professional" in a way. You can still call me chubbs if you want, but that's not the point. The point is, does W's Top Hat have a potential profit? Or will it fail? 

History of Sales
     The W's Top hat was created in 2009 for whitelite001 and originally had 85 sales at 4,500 ROBUX each before going off-sale. As the years passed, the hat got rarer and rarer. It eventually got to the point where under 10 people who owned it still played ROBLOX actively. People offered millions for this hat for when it would go limited. This hat was at a predicted worth of about 1.5M in value.

Bright Friday Sale 2013
     In 2013, two weeks before Black Friday, ROBLOX held a Bright Friday Sale. You can read all about what happened that weekend here. The Friday of this sale at 6:00 PM EST, the W's Top Hat came back onsale for 4,500 robux by the request of the user Mechawaffle. The W's Top Hat was on a one hour timer and sold 431 more copies making a total of 516 total sales. Most people agreed this classic was ruined and bought only for looks. 

Future Potential Profit
     It is unclear if this hat will go limited in the future but chances are it will. How much will it be worth? Let's look into limiteds with about 500 sales. Happy Time Top Hat had almost 500 sales and originally sold for somewhat more than W's Top Hat. When it first went limited it was worth a good 150k and had some high demand. Slowly it came to collapse to a 20-30k value. This is because there were so many copies in circulation at the time people easily found people who would lower their price. What does this mean for W's Top Hat? Well, let's put it this way. Based on that information, W's Top Hat might start out pretty well, but it won't last long. The Let's Make a Deal forum calls this situation a hype, or brief period of time when a limited first is limited and demand is high. W's Top Hat may end up with a simple 15-20k. But the thing that most will no understand, yes it still IS profit. 4.5k to 20k is a pretty good investment. But the investment wont be like what most expect.

~ TheInnovative (Previously chubbs21)