Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Witching Hour Battle and Travel Tips

 Hello Readers, today I will give you some "tips and tricks" of the new Witching Hour game. I have myself a few Bloxikins under my belt, the latest being the Hallo-Bot. I have a couple rules laid out for you.

Rule #1: If you have money, spend it.
This is, in my mind, the almost greatest machination roblox has come up with to take money away from the Economy. I am never against these: they are housekeeping issues so no one can overthrow or rule Roblox (Did you think the admins hired Merely just because he was a great scripter and builder?). Anyway, if you really want to get all the bloxikins, the Motorcycle is the best way to go, since warp spots are now obsolete.

Rule #2: Use the map
The map is always the best way to go for directions to a POI. They are already marked out, and some are right next to other Admin Houses, Like Reese and Tarabyte (Just go South from Reese). Warps are awesome, in use with the map as well.

Rule #3: House Farm
Now getting into some battle techniques. Once you get a quest, don't stray far from the admin's house. Usually the Houses are in clusters of four, and with the new update, you can't stay at the same house. Just go to the houses in a circle and you will be still close to base.

Rule #4: Check The Obiter Dictums
The biggest mistakes I have made in this game were not checking for last comments, namely, the bloxikin quests. Usually the admin will have something good for you if you button bash his dialogue and himself. 

Rule #5: Always on Fire
The pumpkin, right now, is one of the best attacks in the arena. it is devastating because of its hard blow and burn. I know we all have to deal sometimes with three monsters at once, so simply light them all up and ride your brown dog to victory. Usually freezing helps, too. The ram is useful, but tricky to use against spiders. Also, since most of you are upgrading, use the bomb: the enemies always follow you, so why not kill them for it?

Rule #6: Plan Your Own Chartered Course
This is a definite must. This rule means to do things your own way. If you like to use ram more than the bombs, then go for it. It also means to never partner with someone; it slows you down greatly. Lastly, rule 6 makes sure you know where to go. Never wander aimlessly; the map allows you to find an admin's name. Happy Hunting!

I died, but spawned exactly where I left off, no damage, and I didn't pay anything. #ThanksBloxhilda