Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday: Limiteds Review

Courtesy of ROBLOX
Hello! Pbjms here. Like every year, ROBLOX hosts a Black Friday sale. While everybody else in the world is out camping and getting killed for some televisions, you are sitting back in the comfort of your own home, waiting out on the next limited item to be made. While everybody waits it out, I'll be waiting for the new  limited too, except after I buy it or ignore it, I'll write about it right here in this post. And yes, this will only be about the limiteds, because I'm pretty sure that's all that people care about - right?
Over a week before the sale started, Brighteyes released a poll about what items the users wanted limited, put on-sale, and discounted, but nothing about retexture. This disappointed many people, but a retexture contest was announced a few days later on Retexture Artists Official Channel. The winners would get their items published. On the Tuesday before Black Friday, another poll was announced where users voted between a few hats as to what would go back on-sale as a discount, or just go back on-sale for the remainder of the weekend.

The sale started on Friday the 29th of November, very early in the morning, around midnight central time.

CYANIME SUPER STAR (NEW)                                                      

Cyanime Super Star
"How foolish..."
VERY early in the morning, like, around midnight central time, this limited was released. It was 150 R$, and sold out pretty quickly. It is now selling for about 450 R$, which is a nice improvement from the original price. It looks awful, though. It's one of those hair items that I originally didn't like, but colored with bright neon colors to make it even worse. Oh well, it made a little profit, and that's all that matters, anyway.

I'll give this a 8/10. It made some profit but doesn't look too good.


                                                STEAMPUNK ROBIN HOOD (NEW)

Steampunk Robin Hood
"You've just entered the territory of 
Robin Hood and his Merry Men."
At the promised time of 5:00 AM Central, this hat was released. It was only 10 R$, which, for the price of a limited, is amazing, seeing as how, it can't fail. Really, it can't, unless it sells for under the original price, which is just plain outrageous, seeing as how cheap it originally was. It took hours to sell out due to a 10,000 stock, but still won due to the amazingly cheap price. It started at around double the original price, then quickly rose to become very profitable. Unlike the wig hair above, this also looks really cool, so that's a big plus.

I'll give this a 9/10, because of how profitable it is, and how it is pretty cool looking.


BUSINESS CAT (NEW)                                                                     

Business Cat
"Get in my office, right meow!"
A few hours after the Steampunk Robin Hood hat, ROBLOX released this business spiffy cat. It was 100 R$ with 2,000 in stock. Like the Robin Hood hat, this can't really fail, unless it sells for under 100 R$, which was very unlikely. It ended up selling for a bit over the original price, making profit but not much profit. As for the looks... it's mainly just a creepy floating cat head with a collar and a tie. Aside from the awful cat pun in the description, this hat really isn't that bad.

I guess I'll give this a 8/10. It's profitable, and it looks okay, but I can do without the description. I had enough cat puns at The Witching Hour, thank you.


                                                     W'S TOP HAT (WENT LIMITED)

W's Top Hat
"The brightest top hat around. You won't find
a hat like this anywhere else."

Finally, the long awaited W's Top Hat went limited. After going back on sale during Bright Friday, I knew this would go limited due to the attention raised about it. Anyway, it was originally 4,500 R$, and is now limited, much to many people's disapproval. It started selling for about double the original price, making little profit, but still some profit. I'm expecting this to raise in the future, anyway, due to it's originality and bright look. It reminds me of JJ5x5's top hat, which was much more robux to start off and had more in stock, yet still barely failed. W's Top Hat will raise more, and won't fail, no matter what the raging people say.

I'm giving this a 8/10 for now, because I don't know the true potential of this top hat. Yet.


FLAMING HOTPHONES (WENT LIMITED)                                    

Flaming Hotphones
"The headphones are hot, 
but the beats are cool."
Shortly after W's Top Hat went limited, Flaming Hotphones followed. They were originally 250 R$ to parody the Ice Coldphones during parallel universe weekend, but are now limited. The are pretty much selling for a little over their original price, which makes absolutely no profit, and you lose money. Pretty much, they're a fail. The only plus is their red hot look, which is really nice and fitting the "flaming hotphones" theme of the hat. Anyways,  besides the price fail which could easily be expected, these headphones are nice looking. Well, this isn't really a review of the headphones because they aren't new, they just went limited. So...

This gets a 5/10, just because it failed. 


                                                FOREST EMERALD CREST (NEW)

"These emeralds were acquired in the 
deepest ROBLOXian forests. Rare and 
powerful, they must be safe guarded."
On the second day of the sale, we got a new Emerald Crest hat early in the morning. It was a limited, 1,000 R$ with 500 in stock. After taking a while to sell out, it started selling for just over the original price, and began failing. The profit with this item is about -200 R$. So yeah, it failed. It really doesn't look very appealing either - it looks all old and rusty, and well, ugly. To sum it up, it failed badly, doesn't look good, and well, isn't good.

So, this gets a 5/10, due to the negative amount of profit and pretty ugly look. It could have been better, a lot better.

A lot better.


BUCKET (WENT LIMITED)                                                              

 The most wonderful thing on ROBLOX. Buckets. This bucket was an old item, a very old item. How do I know it's old? The creation date? Nope. It's so old, that it was selling for tix. Yes, Tix. 7331 Tix to be exact, which is about 700 R$. It started selling for about 1,000 R$ which is about the same price as starting in tix. It lowered, it raised, it stayed the same, but it's not making any profit. And, in the ROBLOX business, that's called a fail limited.

I'm giving this an 8/10. Why so high? Well, the description pretty much made my day. Who knew ROBLOX used to be such a troll? I didn't.

Just kidding. I did.


                                                        HOODED FROSTLORD (NEW)

"He is frozen forever and ever."
The "big item" of the sale came out on Sunday, just like last year. The Frostlord was originally on sale for 50,000 R$ with 55 in stock. This caused MANY people to rage, and others to be humored by said rage. The ragers expected it to be cheap and rare, but if you take a look at the previous Hooded Spacelord, I don't see why people would expect this to be cheap. Anyways, it sold out eventually and began to fail, which didn't really surprise anybody. It sold for about 70,000 R$, which gives no profit at all. On the bright side, we have the appearance of the item! Just kidding. It's awful, it's terribly ugly. It looks like somebody took the original Spacelord and threw it into a freezer overnight. (No offense Errorless)

So, I'm giving this a 3/10, the lowest score so far this sale. Why? This hat is awful.

No. Just no.


"Sometimes ambassadors 
need to get medieval."
This hat is probably one of the biggest wins in ROBLOX history. Lets have a little history lesson, shall we? Every year in December, ROBLOX releases some gifts. The gifts have a special way to get them. In 2009, there was a gift called Well Connected Gift of Linkmaster. You had to have the Ambassador badge to get it for free.It gave this hat, the Warhelm of Pwnage. Now, it's gone limited. So, of course, everybody from 2009 that got this decided to make it expensive. You'd think it would just be a few thousand robux, but no. It sold for OVER 30,000 R$. HOLY PROFIT! Plus, it looks amazing.

So, I'm giving this an 11/10, because it's like, the perfect item.

Epic Win

                                               NAVAL BRIGADE (WENT LIMITED)

"Ship to shore, they're your 
men for sure!"
 Naval Brigade was made a few months ago, and originally sold for 70 R$. I don't know why, but the polls spoke, and this went limited. It was selling for about 5x the price, which made a lot of profit. It's pretty ugly, also.. Who would want to wear this thing on their head? It's like, a deformed sailor cap. Anyways, it profited, so that's all that really matters.

In the end, I'm giving this a 8/10. It profited nicely, although it looks terribly ugly. Oh well, polls will be polls.


These are some other items that were effected during the sale that I think should be mentioned in this post.
  • Frenemy, an old, classic hat, went on sale for 500 R$.
  • Flame Vision Goggles were sold at 50% off, though originally stayed at 5,000 R$, yet saying in the description it was on sale, taking a few minutes to eventually be fixed.
  • Bluesteel Antlers went on sale for 20,000 R$ on a 30 minute timer, causing much rage and shock on the forums. Of course, I bought it. Why? ...Why not? Stay tuned to my next post to find out!
  • Superhero, the already cheap package, was randomly discounted by 66%. Why?
  • Blackvalk, the outrageously ugly and overpriced hat that I can only refer to as a "thing" was put on sale for 25% off. Wow! 750,000 Tix is a lot better than one million!
  • Brilliant Bombastique went on sale for 100 R$ for only 15 minutes!
  • Silverthorn Antlers went back on sale for 400 R$ like last year, officially ruining them even more.
  • Tentacles Junior, another squid hat, went on sale for the cheap price of 909 R$.
  • On the last day of the sale, the first Christmas Gift was released, the Well Outfitted Gift of Style.

Besides a few disappointments, this sale was really good. We got the return of some classic items, along with some great new ones!