Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bioblock: Limitless Place review

Hello readers! Rayman36 here, with a case of extreme gamer's thumb. Today you will have no free will in the matter of reading my hodge-podge collection of tips, tricks, and a review of BioBlock: Limitless by Narutoworl.

I. Overview
This game simply has the makings for success. If you are a fan of Bioshock Infinite, then would you play this, regardless? Also, the creator is a great scripter. He made great games like Possession (A Bloxcon winner), Team Fortress 2, and an opposite to the game Darkness.

II. Equipment
This game is action-packed and super fun. You are spawned into a lobby with bioshock infinite vending machines, where you can buy vigors (explained later), guns, and game money from robux. Everything is easy to earn if you play long enough.
The Guns are all greatly introduce into the game. Almost all of the guns from the actual bioshock are there, and most are sort of inexpensive. A really cool feature in this game is the ability to try guns out. 
Okay, onto the vigors. Vigors are basically god-like powers in the bioshock franchise. You have a special ability that shoots from your hand. Two, for example, are Bucking Bronco and Devil's Kiss. With Bucking Bronco, you can shoot a wave at your opponent. It paralyzes any of the enemies in your range, as well as levitating them. From there you can shoot the stuffing out of them, and they can't do a thing. Devil's Kiss is pretty straightforward: launch a fireball at your foe's face. You can upgrade the vigors with coins, that can be earned by looting, or bought with Robux for a reasonably low price.

III. Gameplay
Bioblock differs from the actual bioshock games. Instead of battling AIs individually like Bioshock 1, or taking on large hordes of AIs at a time, like in Bioshock Infinite, this game is PVP. You run around shooting at other players, riding skylines, and enjoying the soundtrack.

In conclusion, Bioblock is a truly awesome game. It resembles the real one closely, but evolved into a great PVP. Play it now!