Friday, November 1, 2013

Hat review: Creepy Scarecrow

Creepy Scarecrow
Creepy Scarecrow
Mesh/Texture: 5/10
The mesh, texture, and basic appearance of this hat is horrible. The head is deformed and looks nothing like you would find on a real-life scarecrow. I can understand that they wanted to add a "creepy" element for Halloween, but deforming the head makes it more unattractive than scary. The only thing I like is that the hat is somewhat detailed, with lines on the face and stitches over the mouth. The mesh is blurry in many parts, though, making it look very unprofessionally done.

Price: 4/10
The price of this hideous hat is 250 robux. Not a lot of money, but the hat looks terrible in the catalog and on your character. Not worth 250 robux, not at all. I believe a smaller price of 100 or maybe even 50 robux would do this hat justice. 250 is simply too much out of your budget for such an ugly hat.

Overall: 4.5/10
The hat, basically, is terrible. As I said, making the hat look "scary" would be understandable, but they just made it look downright hideous. I would not have suggested spending 250 robux on this poorly-made Halloween hat, even if it is going offsale. It looks poor on your character, is unevenly textured, and it's not that rare.