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Bright Friday Sale Ongoing Overview

Image from the Roblox Blog
         Welcome to Roblox's version of the Black Friday sale. I've decided to cover this one myself. The items thus far:

Items on sale (Not going over these in detail. They already exist, and have had their price reduced. Bolded means that it is a new item that I will review):
Tweedsuit's Neon Pink Fedora, Frobow the Sad Clown, Neon Green Animal Hoodie, Mohelmet, Ivory Cat Scarf.

Bright Fighter: 100 Robux, Limited                                               

"There's a lotta darkness out there. Someone's gotta take the reigns of justice and bring the light."
     Not a bad hat, in my opinion. This limited, with an original cost of 100 robux, has really nowhere to go but up. With it's 1500 copies sold, it won't exactly be rocketing to space with profit. I'd expect it to max out at 400 robux, maybe hit 420 with some luck. After a few days it'll be in the 200-300s.

Not a bad mesh or texture, in my opinion. Looks (kind of) childish? If you snagged this at it's original price, even if it wasn't limited, I would say it was worth it. If it was more than 100 robux, that's a different story. It seems like it would make for some interesting hat combinations.

Worth it if original buyer.

Neon Green Animal Hoodie: 100 Robux                                         
Neon Green Animal Hoodie
"Show them your wild side in the neon hood!"
     Another decent hat to kick off Bright Friday. Also 100 robux, it is the counterpart of the original Red Animal Hoodie. This is a really nice hat for a pretty cheap price.

Worth it.

Mohelmet: 250 Robux, Timer (Expired)                                         
"Keeping your mohawk fresh - even when you're ridin'."
     The third hat to be released, this one is on a 24 hour timer. Strange colors, in my opinion, and it looks like it would be strange on a Roblox character. I don't think it would fit the head too well. I have to say, this one looks a bit childish too. Its 250 robux price is ridiculous.
**Update** It managed to rake in 981 sales. I see no profit in this.
Not worth it.

Ivory Cat Scarf: 1,000 Robux, Timer (Expired)                             
Ivory Cat Scarf
"Perfect for Wall Street or Main Street! *No virtual cats were harmed in the making of this virtual cat scarf."
     This hat has a very nice mesh. It's a good scarf with a realistic texture. It could be combined with lots of hats easily, like most scarfs. But the price? 1,000 robux. In my opinion, if it's more than 500 robux and not limited or on a timer, it's not worth it (unless it's pretty darn awesome). Then again, some people buy solely for looks.
**Update** 395 were sold. Should this go limited, it has potential.

Worth it.

W's Top Hat: 4,500 Robux, Timer (Expired)                                 
W's Top Hat
"The brightest top hat around. You won't find a hat like this anywhere else."
     This hat went on a timer for just one hour. It had an original price of 4,500 robux. Don't be completely fooled by how it looks, it's even better in-game. The extremely bright green does ruin some potential for combining it with other hats, but you could throw on that Ivory Cat Scarf with some shades. With 516 sold, the price of 4.5k robux is too high for it not to fail. If you are looking for profit, this hat isn't for you. And again, if you want it for looks?

Worth it (only if for looks).

Light Face Melting Guitar: 300 Robux, Limited                           
Light Face Melting Guitar
"That heavenly sound that will bring the house (and people's faces) down."

     The first gear to be released, it looks great. The mesh is nice and the texture is great. At 300 robux, being an original buyer would be a good deal in my opinion. 1000 were sold, but this would only start to be a problem if it costed more. If you can snag this at a low price, try to do so, but I know I wasn't able. Overall?
**Update** Currently, this is selling for 848 robux, 3 days after it was released.

Worth it (for looks and profit).

Cyan Equinox: 100 Robux, Limited                                                
Cyan Equinox
"That makes even less sense than Rainbow Equinox!?!"
     There were 3,500 copies released of this equinox. It is painfully bright in-game, and I found it extremely hard to put together a hat combo for (see my profile for what I came up with). It's currently bouncing around at about 400 robux, which is pretty good for it's massive number sold. The looks are off-putting, but the profit is promising.

Worth it if you have spare cash.

Angel Eyes: 400 Robux                                                                     

Angel Eyes     The Angel Eyes look...strange. The lenses are poorly made (are those white spots clouds...? Reflected light...?). The thingy that goes back and rests on your ears whose name I cannot remember is also poorly made. For 400 robux...?

Not worth it.

Open Mind Cap: 25 Robux                                                              
Open Mind Cap     If not for the low price, I would recommend that nobody bought this at all. The fact that it is 25 robux and there have been only 1,200 sales as of the moment should tip you off. There isn't much to say about this one, it just seems like they got an "OPEN" sign off of Google Images and pasted it on to the texture. If you think it's your style, go for it. I honestly can't say this isn't worth it at a cheap price. So my conclusion will be this:

It's a hat.

Lime Green Shaggy: 500 Robux, Limited                                       

Lime Green Shaggy     One of the bigger items in the sale, it's one of the types that make you want to flip a table for missing it. Even though 1,000 were sold, Shaggy's have a reputation. It immediately began to sell for 2,000-3,000 and continues to at this moment. If you were able to snatch both the Lime Green Shaggy and W's Top Hat, I'm sure they would make a nice combination. I think it's pretty obvious that this one was...

Worth it.

More to be added as the sale continues.

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